Definition of bone black in English:

bone black


  • Fine charcoal made by burning animal bones in a closed container, used as a pigment and in the refining of sugar.

    ‘By using different black pigments - oxides, ivory and bone blacks - and by adjusting the ratio of pigment to medium, he achieved a surprising diversity of coloration and effect.’
    • ‘The presence of bone black has been detected only once in the black marble tiles of Vermeer's ‘Music Lesson’.’
    • ‘Gamblin Van Dyke Brown is a warm black, which is completely lightfast, made from bone black and iron oxide.’
    • ‘Starting on a glass surface with bone black and vine black one should put out quantities of pigment approximately equal to a golf ball in volume for each pigment.’
    • ‘Finely divided bone black is useful as a pigment; bone char, a similar material, is an important source of activated charcoal for use in refining and decolorizing sugar.’