Definition of bone spavin in English:

bone spavin


  • Osteoarthritis of the hock in horses, which may cause swelling and lameness.

    ‘Although bone spavin usually causes lameness, this may be obscured if the lesions are bilateral.’
    • ‘The causes and effects are the same as in bone spavin, and it should be treated in the same way.’
    • ‘X-rays will be needed to distinguish whether it is a bone spavin or blind spavin.’
    • ‘When bone spavin in your horse gets very bad many of the small bones in the joint start to get very damaged and extra bone formation occurs around their edges.’
    • ‘My vet has recommended I use it on a horse with bone spavins.’


bone spavin

/bōn ˈspavən/ /boʊn ˈspævən/