Definition of bonefish in English:


nounplural noun bonefish, plural noun bonefishes

  • A silvery game fish of warm coastal waters.

    Also called ladyfish

    Family Albulidae and genus Albula: several species, in particular A. vulpes

    ‘For the next hour or so we moved slowly along the mangroves seeing the odd bonefish, barracuda and shark.’
    • ‘The bonefish are right over there, a silvery school materializing out of the greener water to graze the shrimpy mud of the flat.’
    • ‘The tide had dropped off the flats and with it, the bonefish had moved into deeper water, invisible to the naked eye.’
    • ‘Trout fishing on rivers is very easy compared with the bonefish.’
    • ‘‘Beautiful’ just doesn't do justice to the lightning bolt that is a bonefish.’



/ˈbōnˌfiSH/ /ˈboʊnˌfɪʃ/