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  • 1(of a piece of meat or fish) having had the bones removed.

    ‘boneless chicken breasts’
    • ‘This was a superb boneless fillet of fish, with a lovely garlic flavour through it.’
    • ‘Turning a batch of fresh-caught fish into boneless fillets requires a skilled hand and a good knife.’
    • ‘A pork chop, which has a bone, will lose more of its weight than a boneless pork cutlet.’
    • ‘Mutton comes in chops, curry cuts, mince and boneless meat.’
    • ‘A one-inch boneless steak, about six ounces, cooks in three minutes.’
    • ‘The lamb shahi korma consisted of tender chunks of boneless meat in a thick rich sauce of cream, nuts and spices.’
    • ‘It would work with boneless skinless chicken breasts, but I still highly recommend using bone-in and skin-on pieces of chicken.’
    • ‘Slice a boneless chicken breast into thin strips about 1cm wide.’
    • ‘The recipe below features boneless, skinless chicken breasts, which are the antithesis of cool.’
    • ‘Currently, only boneless meat cut from cattle younger than 30 months old can reenter the market.’
    • ‘Whole chickens are the second most popular way people buy chicken, ranking behind boneless skinless breasts.’
    • ‘The first aromatic dish out of the iron wok was a boneless fish with jackfruit.’
    • ‘However Ann had noticed one of the day's specials, two boneless pork chops in apple sauce and smothered in melted cheddar cheese for £4.75.’
    • ‘Boneless steaks, roasts, and ground beef made from boneless beef - as well as cheese and other dairy foods - also appear to be risk-free.’
    • ‘For those who pretend they eat healthy, add some boneless chicken pieces already cooked.’
    • ‘One pound of raw skinless, boneless chicken will serve about four people.’
    • ‘This time your boneless piece of Quorn is served ‘Cordon Bleu’.’
    • ‘After being seasoned and cooked, it would be consumed as boneless processed meat, like in sausages or chicken nuggets.’
    • ‘I perused the chicken section and wondered whether I should get boneless or chicken with bone.’
    • ‘I had a boneless chicken breast with mashed potatoes and peas.’
    1. 1.1Lacking physical or mental strength.
      • ‘the slack and boneless character of his writing’



/ˈbōnləs/ /ˈboʊnləs/