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informal Australian, New Zealand
  • Excellent; first-rate.

    • ‘And to top off a bonzer week, Amelia has started waking at night again… last night it was 12.30 for an hour's worth of ear piercing screams.’
    • ‘Some whisper amongst themselves that once you strip away the ‘gees this kid's bonza with a chisel,’ you're not left with much.’
    • ‘Ah well, anyone want a bonza second hand wiper motor?’
    • ‘Top team RSL had a bonza day at the crease on Saturday and set Rovers a target of 306.’
    • ‘And remember all youse Shielas and Blokes come dressed in ya best Bazza Clobber… there's bonza prizes to be won!’
    • ‘The groundswell of support for the foursome would probably have ensured a bonzer year for them anyway but a little extra push is always welcome.’
    • ‘So thanks to you all for joining us here at the animal hospital - it's been bonza.’
    • ‘Some have had share prices performances that an Aussie might reasonably describe as ‘pretty ordinary, mate’, but these have been balanced by enough that have been bonzer.’
    • ‘But the ship left Cairns for New Zealand, it was difficult to sum up the visit briefly and succinctly, other than in the time-honoured fashion - bonzer!’
    excellent, wonderful, marvellous, magnificent, superb, splendid, glorious, sublime, lovely, delightful, first-class, first-rate, outstanding



/ˈbänzər/ /ˈbɑnzər/


Early 20th century perhaps an alteration of bonanza.