Definition of booking clerk in English:

booking clerk


  • An official selling tickets, especially at a railway station.

    • ‘From 1915 the mass military recruitment of men in York led to women becoming train conductors, as well as porters, ticket collectors and booking clerks on the railways.’
    • ‘A private bus operator has introduced a hand-held ticketing machine, which allows conductors to print tickets à la railway booking clerks.’
    • ‘Most rural stations had a staff of up to a dozen, who between them carried out the duties of stationmaster, signalman, booking clerk, ticket collector, porter, shunter, lengthman and lampman.’
    • ‘At this juncture, Lavanya comes to Pulicharla as a railway booking clerk.’
    • ‘But his cover was blown within reach of the Swiss border when a station booking clerk became suspicious.’
    • ‘Percy started work as a railway and booking clerk at the London Underground and moved to Wiltshire when he was transferred to mainline services.’
    • ‘So, an obliging booking clerk spent ages delving through timetables and suggested she go via Sheffield and Leicester, at a cost of £46.’
    • ‘On the fourth journey, Sofia to Septembri, the booking clerk's promise of a smoking section seat resulted in… no prizes, etc: a non-smoking seat.’
    • ‘He quietly advanced Rs.140 to the booking clerk and then made everyone go through the process of buying her own ticket.’
    • ‘The position of booking clerk was not filled so, at least until the next meeting on March 25, bookings should be made through the chairman or secretary.’