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  • The activity or occupation of keeping records of the financial affairs of a business.

    ‘I got in a financial muddle because I didn't keep my bookkeeping up to date’
    • ‘An accountant friend may offer bookkeeping advice and associates in the investment community may help raise funds.’
    • ‘Do you think there is any advantage to using commercially available bookkeeping / finance software in a small business?’
    • ‘It encompasses all financial issues, marketing, office management, bookkeeping, and billing.’
    • ‘We also outsource our bookkeeping and office administration, with similar savings.’
    • ‘They implied an extension from bookkeeping to financial reporting.’
    • ‘More business owners are hiring virtual assistants to handle tasks from bookkeeping to buying gifts for Mom.’
    • ‘It is unique in its simple approach to bookkeeping and accounts in that it looks and feels like a manual set of books on screen.’
    • ‘The courses prepare students for the world of business through subjects such as computerised payroll and bookkeeping.’
    • ‘Chang sees his role as that of a business advisor, not limited to bookkeeping and accounting.’
    • ‘She also spent many hours bookkeeping for Danny's business.’
    • ‘These complicated rules and tax rates create a lot of bookkeeping and legal issues for corporations.’
    • ‘Currently funds are forcing the committee to very strict and disciplined bookkeeping.’
    • ‘His only crime was incompetence in bookkeeping.’
    • ‘She works 7 hours a day, 4 to 5 days a week and does all her own bills and bookkeeping.’
    • ‘You'll never confuse bookkeeping with fun, but today's software can take the edge off of the torture.’
    • ‘Granted, we have to do a bit more bookkeeping than before, but the savings more than make up for it.’
    • ‘This was accompanied by greater emphasis on bookkeeping and accounting.’
    • ‘We all must keep accurate financial records for tax purposes as well as personal bookkeeping.’
    • ‘This is also seen with engineering, technical and bookkeeping personnel.’
    • ‘They failed for quite some time, but after taking classes in bookkeeping and writing, their shop began to prosper.’
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/ˈbo͝okˌkēpiNG/ /ˈbʊkˌkipɪŋ/