Definition of bookwork in English:



mass noun
  • 1The activity of keeping records of accounts.

    ‘the bookwork has a tendency to pile up if I don't keep on top of it’
    • ‘Mr. Reidy said: ‘The Honorary Secretary has to do the normal bookwork with any small business.’’
    • ‘There were so many problems on top of brewing, selling and bookwork.’
    • ‘Get onto the numbers and the procedures, the checks, all the bookwork.’
    • ‘Sherry does the bookwork and shopping while Jerry manages the room.’
    • ‘Ben went on around the corner, having left his bookwork chores to call his sons to lunch.’
    • ‘The new chairman proved during the next few weeks to be competent, but relied heavily on Andrew's procedural and bookwork knowledge.’
    • ‘That will have to change if he is to return, and it will entail some creative bookwork.’
    • ‘I was doing bookwork on the computer when a car pulled up outside.’
    • ‘She is company secretary of the development trust and that means a great deal of bookwork - some of it mind-bendingly complex.’
  • 2The studying of textbooks, as opposed to practical work.

    ‘he concentrates mainly on the flying, but the heavy bookwork is in there too’
    • ‘She did three hours of bookwork in the study everyday, then moved onto her next lessons for an hour.’
    • ‘He decided to implement a new approach to Maori education by drawing energy into farming as well as bookwork.’
    • ‘Once done with my science worksheet and Advanced Algebra bookwork, I glanced at my clock and realized that it was only 8: 30.’
    • ‘Last year I heard that you didn't get that much time to actually act, this year this class is all acting, no bookwork or anything of that sort.’
    • ‘He had already told them the day before that it was simply bookwork today.’
    • ‘Dellbec and I had to do reviews in science, so we basically did bookwork the entire time.’
    • ‘You will all be assigned bookwork almost daily.’
    • ‘Curiosity about blackbirds led them to do a little bookwork.’
    • ‘Mr. Sheridan left instructions for me to assign you bookwork.’
    • ‘Question 3 was a bit gentler: 16 whole marks for bookwork (definitions and the augmenting path-search algorithm) and just 4 marks for an unseen question.’
    • ‘The course also involved extensive bookwork, including a range of subjects such as navigation, communication, knowledge of aerodromes, vectoring and air law.’
    • ‘The single-sheet lecture notes took care of a bookwork question (three definitions), followed by a question about privileged mode, which I didn't fancy at all.’
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