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  • 1A small temporary tent or structure at a market, fair, or exhibition, used for selling goods, providing information, or staging shows.

    ‘They set up temporary information booths at every village.’
    • ‘The market opened 100 booths selling South Korean clothes on 2,600 square meters of floor last August.’
    • ‘The exhibition booths show off everything from jewellery to furniture, from paintings to gourmet delicacies, from beauty and aromatherapy products to sculpture.’
    • ‘The Department of Agriculture and Food will also have information booths at its stand at the National Ploughing Championships at the end of the month near Tullow in Co Carlow.’
    • ‘Drums sound from nearby powwow dancing, while craftsmen cut deals at a string of booths selling everything from T-shirts to jewelry.’
    • ‘The street will then be set up as a street fair, with food stalls, entertainment booths, exhibitions, and cultural shows.’
    • ‘We walked around for a little while, staring at booths and small, temporary shops selling pieces of jewelry and lights that blinked.’
    • ‘The Biennial is not the standard ‘big tent’ art show with elaborate exhibition booths and a short but hectic run in a convention center or on a pier.’
    • ‘Crisis management groups have also been instructed to establish helpline and information booths at entry points to quake-hit areas for better coordination of relief work.’
    • ‘It is also a sort of fair with booths and stands offering food and tea, jewelry and wood, and stalls serving beer.’
    • ‘My patio hung over a medium sized street that was lined with shops and booths that sold fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers.’
    • ‘In addition to the informative show, the fashion fair included display booths for attendees to browse and pick-up useful information and tips about healthy lifestyles.’
    • ‘Over 300 organizations and businesses set up snazzy booths to sell wares, distribute information and collect signatures for various petitions.’
    • ‘On the flat lawn inside the oval of the track several tents, booths and pavilions had been erected to house the exhibits and shade the contests and performances.’
    • ‘The popular, colorful and exciting festival features booths selling food, handicrafts, fashion and accessories of Asian-Pacific countries.’
    • ‘People buying things from nearby stores were offered a chance to verify the weight of their purchases, using electronic weighing machines in the temporary booths put up by the roadside.’
    • ‘We'd also like volunteers to help out with taking donations and manning the information booths.’
    • ‘More than 35 Thai restaurants had set up and sold their specialities, and there were booths selling a wide variety of Thai handicrafts and food products.’
    • ‘The members had set up booths where they sold handicrafts, fashion accessories and food from their respective countries.’
    stall, stand, kiosk, trading post
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    1. 1.1A small room where a vendor sits separated from customers by a window.
      ‘a ticket booth’
      • ‘The transfer station has a human ticket vendor whose booth is adorned with Tri-Rail schedules and announcements.’
      • ‘She pulled up to the entrance gate and rolled down her window to the ticket booth.’
      • ‘Only one employee could fit in the store because it was a Fotomat, one of those freestanding film-developing booths with a drive-up window.’
      • ‘One warm night I wandered downtown to the half price theatre ticket booth.’
      • ‘After the war, he worked for the New York Mass Transit Authority, selling tokens from booths in various subway stations.’
      • ‘Sitting inside a little booth in the middle of a toll road for seven hours a day sounds rather unpleasant, if not downright tortuous, but some people enjoy it.’
      • ‘A woman behind an enclosed booth said the club had no comment to make.’
  • 2An enclosure or compartment that allows privacy or seclusion, for example when voting, broadcasting or recording sound, or making a phone call.

    ‘he installed a soundproof booth for private phone calls’
    • ‘In the middle of the Mojave Desert is a phone booth housing the sole telephone for 16 miles in any direction.’
    • ‘Wi-fi providers have targeted a growing number of potential venues within which to establish access points, including hotels, airports, phone booths and restaurants.’
    • ‘I phoned Henning late that night in a phone booth near the restaurant.’
    • ‘These homemade announcements are mostly affixed to telephone poles, but garbage bins, phone booths and newspaper boxes are also info-rich urban texts.’
    • ‘He said he believed most voters would not refuse to vote simply because of a ban on mobile phones in booths.’
    • ‘He said outlying areas had booths with massive No votes.’
    • ‘She picked up over 70 percent of the vote in booths in Paddington, Surry Hills and Darlinghurst.’
    • ‘The Internet telephony booths will be a boon mainly to the non PC-user who is not comfortable with headphones.’
    • ‘But the numbers voting at such booths are so small that it's not clear how much effect the change will have.’
    • ‘They were getting returns with up to 25 per cent of the votes invalid in some booths.’
    • ‘When voting at a polling booth, there are officials present who ensure that only the person eligible to vote enters the booth to do so.’
    • ‘This is an important question because democracy is not just going into a booth to cast a vote on the basis of some campaign slogans.’
    • ‘Step inside the booth, in total privacy, and let the fine mist of tanning spray breeze over your entire body.’
    • ‘By comparison, advertising on 200 phone booths during that period would have cost over $400,000.’
    • ‘At other booths, the photographers allowed participants to reject their first photo in favor of a more flattering one.’
    • ‘Betting is currently allowed at official booths at dog and horse racing tracks, and some bookmakers are authorized to place odds on some sports events.’
    • ‘He looked around cautiously to see if anyone could overhear, but the booths were designed for privacy.’
    • ‘The indoor booth allowed for a controlled testing environment.’
    • ‘After each performance Camille's dressing room becomes a confession booth for each character.’
    • ‘In order to show a Cinerama film, you had to completely overhaul a movie theater, tearing out dozens of seats on the ground floor to make room for three projection booths.’
    cubicle, kiosk, box, compartment, enclosure, cupboard, carrel, cubbyhole
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    1. 2.1Indian A polling place.
      • ‘check the voter list at the local booth or election office’
  • 3A type of seating, typically in a restaurant or bar, consisting of two high-backed benches with a table between them.

    ‘they sat down in a booth and waited for a waiter to come over’
    • ‘At restaurants, ask for a booth or side table where you can sit close to the wall when nursing.’
    • ‘The period decor emphasises dark oak and marble-topped tables, and along one side there are individual booths with leather benches.’
    • ‘Tables and comfortable booths cover the floor of the small rectangular restaurant.’
    • ‘The other fellow, the older of the two, sat down at a booth and got his coffee.’
    • ‘While the bouncy red booths and sparkly vinyl tables scream 1950s, the apple martini walls and track lighting let you know that this is no time warp.’
    • ‘There were more than twenty booths and tables in the place and all of them were full.’
    • ‘There are 22 booths and four tables; most are in use.’
    • ‘There was a bar and about twenty booths and tables.’
    • ‘Soon, food is being brought out to booths and tables.’
    • ‘The wooden tables and booths seem like an afterthought in the design, something to separate the massive bar from the slightly raised stage.’
    • ‘The bar they sat in, the Sushi and Bullets Diner, was dimly lit with several booths and tables surrounding a low stage.’
    • ‘Save for one row of booths with benches positioned awkwardly low, it's all comfort and reassurance.’
    • ‘The tables and booths had been replaced with couches and big comfy chairs.’
    • ‘The tables in the booths had minibars inside them so we never had to move.’
    • ‘She was marching away from him, down between the rows of booths and tables and straight for the door.’
    • ‘There were wooden booths and tables, and bright lights hung across the high ceiling.’
    • ‘It had a fifties poodle-skirt feel with a classic soda bar and round red tables and booths.’
    • ‘The restaurant consisted of a bar with rickety stools, and a few tables with booths.’
    • ‘Tables and booths were scattered in the dining area on either side of a salad bar.’
    • ‘It's sort of like a an old-fashioned train dining car with booths along the windows and a row of small tables down the center.’



/bo͞oTH/ /buθ/


Middle English (in the sense ‘temporary dwelling or shelter’): from Old Norse buth, based on búa ‘dwell’.