Definition of booyah in English:



(also boo-yah)
informal US
  • Used to express joy, especially over a well-played or victorious moment in sports.

    • ‘he could belt out an exuberant “Booyah!”’
    • ‘Its even cooler because we get an entire month off...booyah!’
    • ‘The only thing I can add to the experience is to thump the desk and shout "boo-yah!".’
    • ‘The "pros" in the movie were really lame and said "boo-yah" every chance they got.’
    • ‘If you see anybody from the school, tell them I said, "Boo Yah!"’
    • ‘"Booyah," I said, and got on my way.’
    • ‘As they say on my favorite TV show, Boo-yah!’



/ˈbo͞oyä/ /ˈbujɑ/