Definition of borane in English:



  • Any of a series of unstable binary compounds of boron and hydrogen, analogous to the alkanes. The simplest example is diborane, B₂H₆.

    • ‘The number of ‘boranes’ (hydrides of boron) that have been synthesized illustrates this rich chemistry.’
    • ‘Use hydrogen and halogens as terminal atoms (except for boranes and interhalogen compounds) and then use the least electronegative atom as the central atom.’
    • ‘More important, the change in thermodynamic properties means that driving the reaction in the opposite direction—regenerating the ammonia borane by somehow putting hydrogen back—becomes less difficult, at least in theory.’
    • ‘John Hartwig and his team at Yale University meanwhile have found a simple way to add a functional group using borane reagents and a rhodium complex catalyst to the commonly unreactive alkanes at a fairly mild 150 Celsius.’
    • ‘These researchers used silica in combination with ammonia borane to accelerate the release of hydrogen from ammonia borane.’
    • ‘Capillary action of the porous material pulls the ammonia borane into the pores of the support.’
    • ‘Ammonia can be used effectively in other hydrogen storage media as well, notably in combination with its borane analog, BH 3.’
    • ‘If something goes wrong with borane, you get plenty of hydrogen gas and overpressure.’
    • ‘It was initially to use an ethyl borane fuel which gave up to 10% greater range and a higher cruising speed.’
    • ‘However, the further away from the borane series the cluster type, the more exceptions to the rules are found.’
    • ‘The boranes and their relatives have quite different structures from those of organic compounds.’
    • ‘The chemistry of the boranes was first studied systematically by Alfred Stock and his research group beginning in 1912 and continuing for almost 25 years.’
    • ‘The molecular hydrides of boron are called boranes.’
    • ‘Boranes and carboranes each have their own characteristic mass spectral patterns which serve as means for quick identification and analysis.’
    • ‘The structures proposed are not supported by the generally accepted bonding ideas for boranes and thus it is not surprising that in no case were local minima found for these structures.’


Early 20th century from boron+ -ane.