Definition of borek in English:



  • An envelope of thin pastry filled with cheese, spinach, or ground meat and baked or fried.

    ‘Turkish cuisine is famous for its kebabs, stuffed eggplant and boreks—stuffed pastry with meat/spinach.’
    • ‘My contribution was a platter of boreks, which are Mediterranean phyllo pastries filled with a mixture of feta cheese, dill, chives, mint, parsley, toasted pine nuts, and nutmeg.’
    • ‘Every morning, the seven-month-old bakery's display case is stocked with enough buttery Turkish pastries and breakfast breads, or borek, to make the average New Yorker swear off cream cheese forever.’
    • ‘Turkish cuisine includes many different stews of vegetables and meat (lamb and beef primarily); borek, kebab, and dolma dishes; and a sourdough bread eaten with almost every meal.’
    • ‘Turkish food is not very hot and spicy in nature and the menu that I am offering will have ‘sis kabab’, ‘doner kabap’, vegetarian and non-vegetarian ‘dolma’, ‘roasted chicken’, ‘lamb tandir’ and a variety of ‘borek’.’
    • ‘According to Kovalev, the word for small Siberian dumplings, pel'meni, comes from Finno-Ugric while their shape and filling resemble the Central Asian chuchvar and manti, the Turkish borek, and the Georgian khinkali.’
    • ‘I am so happy to find a good borek recipe!’
    • ‘After eating borek, sikma (savoury pancakes) and Kunefe (a sweet) we walked around town.’
    • ‘Borek is to die for.’
    • ‘We see some borek, apple slices and almond butter for some protein.’
    • ‘If you have a Turkish friend, I'm sure he or she has already cooked some borek for you.’
    • ‘You can make borek with cheese, potatoes, spinach, ground beef, lentils, leeks etc.’



/bo͝oˈrek/ /bʊˈrɛk/


Turkish börek.