Definition of bork in English:


(also Bork)

Pronunciation /bôrk/ /bɔrk/

transitive verb

[with object]informal US
  • Obstruct (someone, especially a candidate for public office) through systematic defamation or vilification.

    ‘“We're going to bork him,” said an opponent’
    as noun borking ‘is fear of borking scaring people from public office?’
    • ‘If the they really wanted to stop him, they'd bork him—bork him like nobody has ever been borked before.’
    • ‘Of course, the fact that the press borked Gore for twenty straight months will seldom be mentioned in the press corps' narrations.’
    • ‘For five months, I quietly endured the Senator borking me as someone not "committed to bridging differences and bringing peace" and a Washington Post editorial criticizing me as "a destroyer" of cultural bridges, among other slings.’
    • ‘Don't go borking someone you don't even know.’
    • ‘The term ‘borking’ has come to mean unfair opposition to a judicial nominee, but what is borking and what is legitimate ‘advice and consent,’ as called for under the Constitution, remains unclear.’
    • ‘In short, this is borking pure and simple.’
    • ‘Their attempted borking of Thomas was one of the low moments of modern political history.’
    • ‘Horace Cooper recalls the pre-Bork borking of this judge.’
    • ‘They said nothing about the borking of Gore—and they said nothing about Michael Kelly's excesses.’
    • ‘More preposterous still, they're disguising this pre-emptive borking as a plea for a "consensus" choice.’
    obstruct, impede, interfere with, hinder, hamper, block, interrupt, hold up, hold back, stand in the way of, frustrate, thwart, balk, inhibit, hamstring, sabotage, encumber, restrain, slow, slow down, retard, delay, stonewall, forestall, arrest, check, stop, halt, stay, derail, restrict, limit, curb, put a brake on, bridle, fetter, shackle


1980s from the name of Robert Bork (1927–2012), an American judge whose nomination to the Supreme Court (1987) was rejected following unfavorable publicity for his allegedly extreme views.



/bôrk/ /bɔrk/