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  • 1A person or organization that takes and uses something belonging to someone else with the intention of returning it.

    ‘my last pair were ruined by a careless borrower’
    • ‘hundreds of thousands of renters and borrowers of aircraft fly without any insurance’
    • ‘So how do you know if you run into one these untrustworthy borrowers among your friends?’
    • ‘Joe, the chronic borrower, approached his neighbor and asked, "Ray, may I borrow your axe?"’
    • ‘The lender remembers things the borrower forgets.’
    • ‘The habitual borrower borrows things more frequently and uses them as their own.’
    • ‘My homeboy is a constant borrower of everybody's stuff.’
    1. 1.1A person or organization that takes out a loan from a bank under an agreement to pay it back later, typically with interest.
      ‘most mortgage borrowers pay far too much interest’
      • ‘companies that provided credit cards to high-risk borrowers’
      • ‘The bank owes no duty to the borrower to assess his capacity to repay.’
      • ‘The second issue is the need to transfer the benefit of any security given by the borrower to the participant.’
      • ‘On advancing funds, each bank will be in a debtor-creditor relationship with the borrower.’
      • ‘Without an express provision, there is some uncertainty whether a borrower can make early repayment.’
      • ‘Credit brokerage involves the introduction of a would-be borrower to a credit provider.’
      • ‘Even only a slight increase in the interest rate would put a great deal of pressure on borrowers.’
      • ‘In practice, very few loans are cancelled by a borrower against the bank's will.’
      • ‘A right to make early repayments is usually available to the borrower.’
      • ‘An assignment does not require the borrower's consent, but novation requires the consent of all the parties.’
      • ‘The fact that they had had a longstanding relationship with the borrowers may have influenced the court in finding a fiduciary relationship.’
    2. 1.2A person who is registered to take books from a library for a fixed period of time.
      ‘her books continue to be popular among library borrowers into the twenty-first century’
      • ‘The doors have been open to book borrowers for 95 years, but today are in danger of being shuttered because of budget woes.’
      • ‘Borrowers will be notified by email when library search requests have been located.’
      • ‘This provides access to the material holdings of our libraries to borrowers in the United States and Canada.’
      • ‘Most e-book borrowers are in tune with their libraries and call themselves heavy readers in all formats.’
      • ‘This statewide courier system would unify public libraries by introducing one card for borrowers.’



/ˈbärōər/ /ˈbɑroʊər/