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  • Wooded; covered by trees or bushes.

    ‘a river meandering between bosky banks’
    • ‘Just a short walk across the bosky gardens of Sultan Ahmet Square is the renowned Blue Mosque, enchanting in its elegant symmetry and exquisite colour.’
    • ‘In bosky little corners of England, tucked away down country lanes and suburban cul-de-sacs, are the remnants of pioneering experiments in modern living.’
    • ‘The stylishly erratic gardens are a hedonist's delight, where Ferdinand thoughtfully provided a bosky chalet for his fat German mistress.’
    • ‘And so, remembering my beloved's birthplace, the bosky county of Kent, I came up with this.’
    • ‘It all looks so 1980s, a bosky equivalent of the red braces and conspicuous-consumption Porsches and Ferraris.’
    • ‘Cities - especially grand metropolises in the making - are not meant to be bosky dells.’
    • ‘One fine May morning, William of Ockham was skirting the bosky woods, heading for open country in search of early mushrooms when a dragon alighted on the greensward not half a furling from him.’
    • ‘Wesselmann's roughly 2-by-3-foot graphite drawing of an uninhabited, full-frontal Volkswagen in a bosky landscape, Drawing for Landscape #2, recalls the confident hand of Rivers.’
    • ‘Everything, including the perimeter car parking bays, is subtly brought together by Livingston Eyre's landscaping that knits into the bosky suburban setting.’
    • ‘To the west, rooms are much more conventional, with cantilevered steel balconies and a vista over the local car park (but beyond that to a bosky suburb).’
    • ‘And now is the time of year for mouthwateringly light, aromatic white wines whose delicate verdant, floral flavours echo the first bosky scents and blooms of spring.’
    • ‘On the whole, the place has worn well, and become even more bosky.’
    • ‘The place is stuffed with verdant vistas, mountain views, bosky dells, bubbling brooks and limpid lakes.’
    • ‘It was a bosky place with mossy roots and green arches.’
    • ‘There was a sprinkling of roadside crosses and the bocage, the thick hedges along the roadsides, could hardly have been more bosky.’
    • ‘A splash of black tea on the plate whose fabulously bosky flavour is in inverse proportion to its thinness.’
    • ‘A sprig each of borage and mint is optional but adds some pleasing herby, bosky overtones.’
    shaded, shadowy, dark, dim, sunless



/ˈbäskē/ /ˈbɑski/


Late 16th century from Middle English bosk, variant of bush.