Definition of botanical garden in English:

botanical garden

(also botanic garden)


  • An establishment where plants are grown for display to the public and often for scientific study.

    • ‘However, in a few cases, seeds of plants cultivated in botanical gardens were also used.’
    • ‘Visit native plant nurseries and local botanical gardens and arboreta to learn which ones best fit your site.’
    • ‘There's a botanical garden with carnivorous plants on display.’
    • ‘It's not the only tropical gardens in the sense that there's a number of private, wet tropical botanic gardens, however this probably is the only public botanic gardens that's in the wet tropics.’
    • ‘These days the botanical gardens established by those plant pioneers of previous centuries are in their full maturity.’
    • ‘In the various scientific botanical gardens of the Renaissance, scented plants were plumbed for possible alchemical properties.’
    • ‘Next, we're off to the botanic gardens with its display of 60,000 plants and orchids and then the Bukit Tinnah nature reserve.’
    • ‘The botanic garden grows a few of the plants, but they're all offspring of the same parent.’
    • ‘Marshall Sundberg spoke on the state of botanical education at colleges and universities and Johnny Randall discussed the role of botanical gardens in training field botanists.’
    • ‘Unlike home gardens, botanical gardens include a wide variety of plants cultivated for scientific or educational purposes.’
    • ‘Since that time a botanical garden and an arboretum for native and endangered Hawaiian plants have been established in Waimea Valley.’
    • ‘The volunteers have helped conserve over 8,000 threatened plants in 350 botanical gardens.’
    • ‘Nestled into the Riverdale neighborhood, Wave Hill is not a botanic garden with every plant labeled but a comfortable, casual series of gardens beautifully designed and expertly planted.’
    • ‘After receiving bulk-collected seeds, 40 plants from each botanic garden were grown to adulthood.’
    • ‘Earlier, the United States's first botanical garden, the Elgin Botanic Garden, was established in New York in 1801 on twenty acres of land then well out of town, where the Rockefeller Centre stands today.’
    • ‘Monroe was once the site of the Great Northern Railway's botanical gardens where fresh flowers for their passenger trains were once grown.’
    • ‘With the aid of the water district, which owns the land, and the private Las Vegas Springs Preserve Foundation, 180 acres will be dedicated to nature walks, displays, and a botanical garden.’
    • ‘The role of botanic gardens in conservation is growing very rapidly with research into storage techniques, better data collection and better coordination.’
    • ‘By being very ‘kid friendly,’ many botanical gardens and arboretums are attracting a wider array of visitors, thanks to the addition of gardens designed especially for children.’
    • ‘Founded in 1984, the Center is supported by a consortium of 29 botanical gardens and arboreta throughout the United States.’


botanical garden

/bəˈtænəkəl ˈɡɑrdn/