Definition of bottomland in English:



North American
  • Low-lying land, typically by a river and subject to overflow during floods.

    count noun ‘on a fine bottomland’
    • ‘Few people seem to enjoy watching other people catch fish as much as this native of Panola County and its rich Sabine River bottomland.’
    • ‘About a day's walk upstream from the confluence of the Shields and Yellowstone rivers, a sandstone bluff looms above the willow bottomland.’
    • ‘In these treatments, habitats listed for this grass include marshes, bottomland forests, river banks, exposed bars and shores, and open ruderal areas.’
    • ‘The general study area is located in southeastern Louisiana where the southernmost Mississippi River bottomland forests grow.’
    • ‘Floods breath life into these hidden bottomland waterways and the land around them.’
    • ‘As one local farmer puts it: ‘Much of the land is moorland and poor quality, though there's some good bottomland usually along the streams and rivers.’’
    • ‘My grandparents owned a small farm, whittled down over the years to about 40 acres of bottomland, in some of the most productive agricultural land in America.’
    • ‘The gorge slowly widens northward to reveal river benches, flood plains, and broadening bottomland, most of which are now artificially flooded.’
    • ‘You'll need land, of course, preferably rich, well-watered bottomland.’
    • ‘Its second-growth oaks, hickories, and sugar maples tower over the open pastures and fields of the lower slope and bottomland.’
    • ‘TNC has plans to buy and restore an additional 200,000 acres of bottomland hardwood forest there, including land that was cleared for soybeans in the '70s and '80s and will be reforested.’
    • ‘Today, however, most of the good bottomland has been subdivided, a scenario that is playing out on all sides of the Greater Yellowstone, whose human population grew at nearly twice the national rate in the 1990s.’
    • ‘Even though the land is reclaimed, you will pass through many habitat types such as pastures, mixed forests, pine flatwoods, oak and hydric hammocks, scrub, and bottomland, swamp forests.’
    • ‘But some say thousands and thousands of Louisiana black bear once roamed the rich forested bottomland of eastern Texas, Louisiana, and southern Mississippi.’
    • ‘In addition to the hundred acres of decent bottomland, McGinty's old man also accumulated a little highland pasturage to the north of the valley, where he kept a few fat, lazy sheep.’
    • ‘Within its boundaries, Brazos Bend has clearly defined areas of gallery forest, freshwater marsh, coastal prairie and mixed hardwood bottomland.’
    • ‘Selman's cottonwood recruitment has been beset by salt cedar invasion, deer browsing, and heavy grazing by cattle on lush bottomland grasses.’
    • ‘The second, indirect approach to assessing distribution of species was based on an ordination of quantitatively sampled bottomland stands.’
    • ‘We measured the area of each spot-mapping plot that was ridge, bottomland, and midslope to determine the proportion available for each.’
    • ‘The quieter ivory-bills retreated to darkened corners of the remaining bottomland, keeping their songs to themselves.’



/ˈbädəmˌland/ /ˈbɑdəmˌlænd/