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  • 1Without a bottom.

    ‘plant mint in a bottomless bucket sunk into the ground’
    • ‘To enjoy these spreaders without worry, plant them in pots or bottomless buckets, then sink the containers almost to their rim in your bed or border.’
    • ‘The only additional trick I would use to further hasten growth would be to cover the newly transplanted slips with bottomless milk jugs sunk into the soil.’
    • ‘Even the Romans were fascinated by it, and for a long time it was thought to be bottomless, giving rise to the belief that Gibraltar was linked to Africa by a 15-mile-long subterranean passage.’
    • ‘Garbage dumps are not bottomless pits - they fill up.’
    1. 1.1Very deep.
      ‘the cold dark sea in whose bottomless depths monsters swam’
      • ‘‘I don't know if I'll go to heaven, but I imagine it to be like the Grand Canyon - huge, bottomless and beautiful,’ he said.’
      • ‘Tautou, with her huge, bottomless brown eyes, chunky bob haircut and cupid's bow smile, was captivating.’
      • ‘If you aren't aware of that, emotions can seem to be an immense and bottomless ocean that ‘you’ can drown in and never be safe from.’
      • ‘Then Jasper led the way to the lip of the descent and we peered down a steep tumble of huge rocks that plunged into bottomless shadow.’
      • ‘These numbers are staggering, but they are drawn from a bottomless reservoir of discontent in Europe.’
      • ‘When my ski pole sunk all the way to the hilt through bottomless muck, I realized this wasn't our day.’
      • ‘But we're in this huge nest, right above some kind of bottomless pit.’
      • ‘The area between Eagle Lake and Lake of the Woods was a hostile terrain of innumerable lakes, rocky outcroppings and bottomless muskegs.’
      • ‘Zack sighed, and when his golden eyes connected with mine, they seemed more bottomless, more infinite, more mysterious, more incomprehensible than ever before.’
      • ‘I found myself just looking into those dark eyes; huge, black, bottomless holes that could lure you in; wondering if you'd go insane from trying to see what they revealed about their owner.’
      • ‘Phobos has an enormous almost bottomless crater.’
      • ‘Neighboring farmers still have fields of soybeans and even red kidney beans yet to harvest, thanks to the bottomless mud and endless days of rain and snow in November and December.’
      • ‘Soon, there was nothing to look at but endless, bottomless darkness.’
      • ‘Beneath your fins lies a mile or two of ocean, a bottomless, infinite space of blue, blue, and more blue.’
      • ‘I have measured that bottomless night, and all the light and all the joy of my life went out there.’
      • ‘Sproule manages to sputter out his character's bottomless bitterness with nary a trace of caricature, while Cairns never allows her character's melancholy moments to dip into pathos.’
      • ‘The settings are endlessly inventive, the action exuberant, the laughter frequent and the characters a bottomless toy box of delights.’
      • ‘Narrated by Jeff Bridges, their documentary, Lost In La Mancha, captures the unravelling of Gilliam's dream as the production gradually toppled into a bottomless well of bad luck.’
      • ‘It was then that I discovered my bottomless capacity for shame and my burning love of the movies.’
      • ‘This is not the US postal service, which tosses mail into a bottomless bin when a zip code is missing, or returns letters just because they don't have addresses on them.’
      fathomless, unfathomable, unfathomed, endless, infinite, immeasurable, measureless
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    2. 1.2(of a supply of money or other resources) inexhaustible.
      ‘I don't have a bottomless pit of money’
      • ‘That takes a lot of energy, and he seems to have a bottomless supply of it.’
      • ‘No point in having a bottomless supply of gigabytes if you don't use them.’
      • ‘I have an almost bottomless stock of plums and will put a handful of them to simmer in a light syrup of cinnamon and nutmeg for an hour before the new agent arrives.’
      • ‘In this way you will be compelled to grapple with the limitless kindness and bottomless cruelty of humankind - and perhaps realize that you yourself are capable of both.’
      • ‘The combination of huge crowds, perfect conditions and chairmen with bottomless pockets is certainly a hard one to beat.’
      • ‘Even with the Golf's huge profits, does Ferdinand Piech have a bottomless well of capital for more takeovers aimed at expanding the empire?’
      • ‘There is an enormous Black readership and their hunger is bottomless, and it is being beautifully, beautifully fed.’
      • ‘Most of the population, it would seem, is hell-bent on finding fame and bottomless wealth, and then there's the masses who dream of becoming successful property developers or opening their own restaurants.’
      • ‘He told a poorly-attended meeting that groups have enjoyed generous funding for years and assumed that the cash-pot was bottomless.’
      • ‘Yet his bold jumping, brilliant consistency - Best Mate never finished outside of the first two - and bottomless courage endeared him to those inside and out of the sport.’
      • ‘Blueberry Boat is one of the year's most demanding releases, but the Furnaces' bottomless curiosity about the mechanics of music also make it one of the most rewarding.’
      • ‘It was victory for bottomless courage against ebbing stamina as she swooped to conquer by half a length, with Mubkera, who stayed on well upon her seasonal debut, three-quarters of a length back in third.’
      • ‘The only concession to make to local government ahead of central government, which also sees the public as a bottomless fund of cash, is that the council is at least asking ratepayers if they want the race.’
      • ‘Although Colorado doesn't have the bottomless bank vault of the Madrid money-making machine, they both do have a lion's share of the top talent in their respective sports.’
      • ‘With a wink to the ride operator, she was allowed to stay on for as long as she wanted, and every time the ride finished, she dipped into what seemed a bottomless purse for another fare and another ride on the swirling behemoth.’
      • ‘All the hits are here, of course, from the goons of Brixton, with their lefthanded garage groove, punky punch and bottomless grab-bag of weird, wonky noises.’
      • ‘It's the ultimate ‘show don't say’ moment, the first taste of the evening's deft theatricality and bottomless literacy.’
      • ‘Number Eleven currently has a new show in the works titled The Curious History of Peter Schlemiel, based on a German folk tale about a man who sells his shadow for a bottomless bag of gold.’
      • ‘‘All humanity can see you experienced bottomless cruelty and responded with heroism,’ he told the crowd.’
      • ‘A salary cap, a limit on spending for teams with seemingly bottomless coffers, according to Bettman, is what will mend all that ails the NHL.’
      unlimited, limitless, boundless, unbounded, inexhaustible, infinite, incalculable, inestimable, immeasurable, indeterminable, endless, never-ending, everlasting
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  • 2Naked below the waist.

    ‘Interspersed between the usual mix of drag queens, topless women, bottomless men and leather-clad bears rode a fleet of white limousines carrying newly wed same-sex couples.’
    • ‘Glasgow City Council was ‘priggish’ and ‘dangerously misguided’ in opposing such topless and bottomless delights, he opined.’
    • ‘That was the principle behind my series Like Brother, Like Sister, created for iD magazine in 1992 and showing a man and a woman side by side, she topless, he bottomless.’
    • ‘Soon Brenneman and Caruso were topless and bottomless.’



/ˈbädəmləs/ /ˈbɑdəmləs/