Definition of botulin in English:



  • The bacterial toxin involved in botulism.

    ‘They also suggest that the drug could be mass-produced and stockpiled as a deterrent to the use of botulism toxin, or botulin, as a weapon.’
    • ‘In Japan, the use of hyaluronic acid and botulin toxin is not officially permitted for plastic surgery, but the health ministry allows doctors to decide whether they can be used or not.’
    • ‘Workers have unearthed buried bombs they say are loaded with anthrax, aflatoxin and botulin toxin, and inspectors are analysing the contents.’
    • ‘But all of these toxins would be considered ‘lightweights’ compared to the protein-based botulin toxin, produced by botulinum bacteria and associated with botulism, the most severe form of food poisoning.’
    • ‘Customers have a free consultation to see if they are suitable for the treatment, which involves an injection of botulin toxin type A in the forehead to smooth out lines, and are asked to complete a health questionnaire.’
    • ‘Botulin bacteria produce the botulin toxin, and this toxin is deadly to people in incredibly small quantities (as little as a billionth of a gram).’
    • ‘They could poison us with botulin, or try to infect us with the plague or anthrax.’
    • ‘Sphincterotomy is a more familiar treatment in select cases, but the use of topical therapy and botulin toxin injection are gaining support, even in patients who are less symptomatic.’
    • ‘They had started research on botulin and anthrax in 1942-the USA had signed the protocol but not ratified it - and by 1944 had reached an advanced stage.’
    • ‘It also noted a scientist had been asked to take botulin home to his fridge to hide but (perhaps understandably but all the same courageously in the circumstances) had refused.’



/ˈbäCHəlin/ /ˈbɑtʃəlɪn/