Definition of bouffy in English:


(Australian boofy)

adjectivebouffier, bouffiest

  • 1(of a person’s hair) standing out from the head in a rounded shape.

    ‘a middle-aged woman with a slightly bouffy bob’
    ‘nowadays teenage surfer boys are all sporting boofy hair-dos’
    • ‘He's wearing a polyester tracksuit top and has some whack bouffy hair.’
    • ‘He is her dream tenant: clean nails, bouffy hair, embracer of laws of all kinds.’
    • ‘Back to my hair though: topping off the vertical sides are some bouffy, slightly blonder curls which give an extra three inches to my height.’
    • ‘Stripped of the bouffy hair and sequins, she's witty and, for an entertainment property, opinionated.’
    • ‘This theory is proven by his bouffy fringe, teased to maximum volume, and the blond streaks he's put in.’
    • ‘Police are seeking a male with "bouffy" hair aged 17 to 20 years old, of medium build.’
    • ‘Neil was youthful as ever, sporting a dodgy vest and bouffy hairdo that harked back to the early Crowdies days.’
    • ‘Now I'm no scientist, although I certainly look like one with my bouffy Einstein hair.’
    • ‘I asked for a short sharp bob and ended up looking like a caricature of an anime doll with a boofy 50's bob.’
    • ‘They're the little plastic figurines where the hair is removable and strangely boofy.’
    • ‘I pricked my ears and overheard the woman with the boofy hair talking.’
    • ‘I was next to a mum with boofy hair.’
    • ‘Is it "big hair", as in big boofy hairdo?’
    • ‘Still, it was a delicious meal, sitting there in the drizzle with really boofy hair, not quite believing we were up so high on the globe.’
    • ‘Unremarkably, as a small child my mother's haircut-de-jour for my boofy quiff was the flat top.’
  • 2(of clothing) puffed out.

    ‘she wore big boofy skirts and big hair and big accessories’
    • ‘Bear in mind that I need a theme that allows me to dress in a big bouffy dress.’
    • ‘Sandy wore a pink bouffy Galliano that seemed to say "Take that!" to her estranged husband.’
    • ‘The dresses were big bouffy tulle shapes, like huge belted tea-roses.’
    • ‘Avoid bouffy 1950s prom dresses, 1940s tea dresses and fussy details such as ruffles.’
    • ‘When I was in my twenties, I imagined having the whole fairytale church wedding with a huge boofy dress.’


1960s from bouffant + -y.