Definition of boulevard strip in English:

boulevard strip


  • A grassy strip between a road and a sidewalk.

    ‘The format of the sculpture with two standing monuments at either end of a platform mimics the placement of war memorials in public spaces such as boulevard strips and traffic circles.’
    • ‘Typically here in the Twin Cities the boulevard strips are about 3ft wide.’
    • ‘The neighborhood will feature boulevard strips planted with strawberries.’
    • ‘The grass strip sometimes found in between, known as the boulevard strip among many other names, does not exist in my neighborhood.’
    • ‘Milwaukee still maintains lovely flowerbeds on the boulevard strips, something that you just don't see in American cities these days.’
    • ‘Building forms and facade materials, streetlighting, paving, street trees, sidewalk width, boulevard strips, and planting materials and maintenance were all brought under control.’
    • ‘Overall, I'd recommend this to anybody with a healthy 3-6 foot boulevard strip.’
    • ‘Kerrisdale is a mixture of neighbourhoods of varying ages, some with attractively uniform setbacks and planted boulevard strips.’
    • ‘The planting area, utility strip or boulevard strip between the curb and the sidewalk may be moved and placed into an acceptable public park area on an equal area basis.’
    • ‘The tidiness effort section of the Communities in Bloom program includes the maintenance, order, and cleanliness of green spaces, medians and boulevard strips, streets, sidewalks, ditches, road shoulders, signage, scrap yards, unserviced and vacant lots, buildings, and garbage disposal.’
    • ‘Judging by the giant piles on front lawns and boulevard strips, a lot of people were hit really hard with the flooding.’
    • ‘Sidewalks will be wider, where possible, and boulevard strips (between the sidewalk and curb) will contain well-tended landscaping, as well as historic lighting, improved signage and comfortable transit stops.’