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  • 1A person employed by a nightclub or similar establishment to prevent troublemakers from entering or to eject them from the premises.

    ‘The security company that employs unlicensed bouncers and the licensee of any premises allowing them to work could both be prosecuted under the new rules.’
    • ‘He took courses in the field, then worked as a nightclub bouncer and a bodyguard.’
    • ‘A security firm owner who provides bouncers to a nightclub claims no underage drinkers get in when his staff are on duty.’
    • ‘In the future, similar initiatives could be extended to nightclub bouncers, pub and bar licensees, headteachers and neighbourhood watch representatives.’
    • ‘In this hilarious parody of the contemporary nightclub scene, four bouncers portray over 30 different characters.’
    • ‘As no bouncers were employed at our next pub, we walked in with ease, sat for a while and enjoyed some live music.’
    • ‘Whilst employed as a bouncer he was instructed to forcefully eject an unruly customer who refused to wear a formal shirt.’
    • ‘Charles (not his real name) is a bouncer at a popular nightclub in town.’
    • ‘He was employed as a bouncer by another company, which was hired by the hotel's management.’
    • ‘People in the audience will go to nightclubs and know what bouncers are like, so the cast needs to look real.’
    • ‘They could be mistaken for couple of nightclub bouncers, such is their sheer presence.’
    • ‘If a passenger dropped litter he was ejected by the bouncers.’
    • ‘All three were said to have been put out of the premises by bouncers.’
    • ‘Yet on a night out to celebrate promotion, the Frenchman was cautioned after an alleged altercation with a nightclub bouncer, before being released without charge.’
    • ‘A football star has been arrested at a nightspot following an alleged incident involving a nightclub bouncer.’
    • ‘Those included selling ice cream and working as a nightclub bouncer.’
    • ‘She had also worked in a wine bar, cleaned her sister's house and earned extra money as a nightclub bouncer.’
    • ‘The victim managed to walk up to the doors of a nearby nightclub where a bouncer called the emergency services.’
    • ‘The nurse was studying for a law degree four days a week and working at a wine bar and at a nightclub as a bouncer.’
    • ‘I had another chance to observe him when a bouncer from the nightclub across the street politely asked the teens to escort me around the corner to avoid attracting attention.’
    sentry, sentinel, security guard, nightwatchman
  • 2Baseball
    A batted ball that bounces before being fielded.

    ‘It came with two out in the seventh inning, after Santo had made a good play in spearing Jim Gilliam's high bouncer to third.’
    • ‘In his first start at third, he misplayed one bouncer, letting it go off his glove, and let another fast grounder get by him.’
    • ‘Palmeiro hit a bouncer to Yankees' first baseman Tino Martinez who stepped on first before throwing to Derek Jeter at second who tagged Sosa for the easy out.’
    • ‘When the Reds' Lee May hit a hard bouncer over the third base bag in Game 1, Robinson crossed into foul ground to grab it, then threw blindly across his body toward first base.’
    • ‘Unfazed, Brown then climbed back on top of the mound after consulting with a Dodger trainer, and calmly retired Mike Piazza on a bouncer to third.’
    • ‘Facing Tom Seaver of the New York Mets, Clemente tapped a bouncer up the middle that caromed off the glove of second baseman Ken Boswell.’
    • ‘Segui hits a bouncer that glances off the outside of the first base bag for a gift double.’
    • ‘The Braves' Pete Orr started things with a bouncer off the plate that Clemens fielded cleanly but couldn't get to first in time.’
    • ‘With two on and two outs, Ramirez hit a bouncer to deep shortstop.’



/ˈbounsər/ /ˈbaʊnsər/