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  • Generously given or giving; bountiful.

    ‘the earth yields a bounteous harvest’
    • ‘Still, we Irish are renowned for our bounteous big-heartedness.’
    • ‘Grain fetched high prices due to the war in Europe, and the harvest was bounteous thanks to sufficient rain at the right time.’
    • ‘It includes magnificent cycle lanes, bounteous fish counters in supermarkets, excellent public transport, Spanish healthcare and, of course, the weather.’
    • ‘It is the development of a distinctive regional Central Australian cuisine, based on traditional European and Asian cooking techniques, but using the bounteous foods and flavourings that nature has provided locally.’
    • ‘The bookshop was not quite as bounteous as its name suggested.’
    • ‘His interests and expertise meshed amazingly well with the museum's bounteous collection of nineteenth-century work.’
    • ‘Shoppers browsed for goods on the bounteous ad pages.’
    • ‘As they stepped out of the federal building, a burst of spring showered them with nature's most bounteous colours and the clouds parted to let the sun smile upon them.’
    • ‘The food is - as elsewhere - bounteous and, well, adequate.’
    • ‘This was in perfect contrast with the model of a village showing bounteous trees and all round greenery, the result of a cleaner and healthier environment.’
    • ‘The blessing is believed to be the reason for the bounteous wealth and prosperity enjoyed by the people.’
    • ‘Nature is a bounteous paradise for those who play by the rules.’
    • ‘The future for both clubs remains uncertain, although a healthy crowd and a bounteous collection at least assures the home players of continuing wages.’
    • ‘But for some reason I fail to share Polly's bounteous optimism.’
    • ‘To enhance the appeal among kids, there were stuffed dolls of Santa Clauses placed among the bounteous flowers.’
    • ‘With the festival of lights around the corner, attractive discounts will also be bounteous.’
    • ‘This book should not be read unless you're in possession of a bounteous bank balance.’
    • ‘True, what's exhilarating to one person is frustrating to another, so when one considers the vast and growing array of advanced automotive engineering materials it can either look pretty baffling or extremely bounteous.’
    • ‘Early reports from America told of boundless fecundity in the natural world; bounteous nature seemed to promise that all the commodities Europeans gathered from around the world would grow there.’
    • ‘Just picture those National Geographic locations where endless deserted sugar sand beaches, severed by rocky outcrops, fall into the nutrient rich bounteous waters of the Cortez sea of dreams and the mighty Pacific Ocean.’
    kindly, good-natured, kind-hearted, tender-hearted, warm-hearted, soft-hearted, good-hearted, tender, caring, feeling, affectionate, loving, warm, gentle, mellow, mild



/ˈboun(t)ēəs/ /ˈbaʊn(t)iəs/


Late Middle English from Old French bontif, -ive ‘benevolent’ (from bonte‘bounty’), on the pattern of plenteous.