Definition of bouton in English:



  • An enlarged part of a nerve fiber or cell, especially an axon, where it forms a synapse with another nerve.

    ‘Most synaptic boutons in the mammalian central nervous system are too small to be investigated directly with electrophysiological tools on the single synapse level.’
    • ‘To determine the latter, methods that stain the terminal boutons are used.’
    • ‘There is an estimated total of 30000-50000 boutons of different types across the entire surface.’
    • ‘When postsynaptic receptors are saturated, a quantum of synaptic current corresponds to the response evoked in a single synaptic bouton.’
    • ‘In this case, spillover is limited to the postsynaptic sites under a single synaptic bouton, and occupancy is likely to vary across sites.’



/bo͞oˈtôn/ /buˈtɔn/


1930s from French, literally ‘button’.