Definition of bouzouki in English:


Pronunciation /bo͝oˈzo͞okē/ /bʊˈzuki/ /bəˈzo͞okē/ /bəˈzuki/

nounbouzoukis, bouzoukia

  • A long-necked Greek instrument similar to the mandolin.

    ‘Laika is an urban style of song, developed at the beginning of the twentieth century, which may feature the bouzouki, a long-necked stringed instrument.’
    • ‘The oud is an ancient Arabic guitar, the forerunner of today's acoustic guitar, and the bouzouki is a Greek guitar.’
    • ‘From there it was off to a Greek restaurant (you may have spotted a theme here) where our hero played the bouzouki, sang the Greek national anthem and posed for a thousand photographs.’
    • ‘Lixouri is a pleasant, quiet village with an appealing square lined with restaurants, from which can be heard on balmy evenings the strains of the bouzouki and the mandolin.’
    • ‘Instrumentally, it's audacious, with trumpets, bouzoukis, violins and music-boxes weaving unpredictable paths through the guitars and drum programmes.’
    • ‘He divides his skills between the Highland pipes, the smallpipes and various whistles, with deft accompaniment on guitar, bouzouki, harp, fiddle, piano and cello.’
    • ‘I used to be a rock guitarist before learning the bouzouki.’
    • ‘Performances are said to generate an atmosphere of drama and romance with a full-blooded blend of flamenco guitar and Greek bouzouki.’
    • ‘He plays bouzouki, banjo, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitar.’
    • ‘I'd be disappointed at the Opening Ceremony if there weren't a million - well, let's be realistic, 10,000 - bouzoukis being played in unison.’
    • ‘Forms of traditional entertainment include folk dances performed by dance troupes wearing colorful costumes, with accompaniment led by the bouzouki.’
    • ‘He enjoys playing the bouzouki and writing about himself in the third person.’
    • ‘He is a fine self-accompanist on bouzouki and mandola.’
    • ‘The seven young musicians play an exciting assortment of instruments including bodhran, accordion, bouzouki, guitar, bass, fiddle, Asturian bagpipes and flute.’
    • ‘‘We are not going to sleep tonight,’ he added as he danced to Greek bouzouki music in the capital Nicosia.’
    • ‘It was beastly hot and the tape of Greek bouzouki music I had in the player was singularly appropriate.’
    • ‘Evoking that golden age, here is a beautiful album showing just those subtle shades of pace, interaction, understanding and sheer understated skill, on flute and fiddle with piano, guitar and bouzouki accompaniment.’
    • ‘Flute, fiddle and pipes take the melody, above driving guitar and bouzouki rhythms, with vocals in stirring three or four-part harmony.’
    • ‘In many bouzoukia - nightclubs where traditional bouzouki music is played - the entertainment does not really start until midnight.’
    • ‘Who needed satellite TV and an en suite room, when I could jam with the guys from Festos or listen to bouzouki music with Dimitris?’


1950s from modern Greek mpouzouki, possibly related to Turkish bozuk ‘spoilt’ (with reference to roughly made instruments).