Definition of bovid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbōvid/ /ˈboʊvɪd/


  • A mammal of the cattle family (Bovidae).

    ‘The Northern immigrants to South America included the rodents, Carnivora (bears, cats, dogs, etc.), llamas and horses, bovids (particularly deer), and the tapirs and elephants.’
    • ‘After hippos, bovids are the most abundant group of mammalian fossils.’
    • ‘Like bovids and cervids, they have a full set of lower incisors, but the uppers are replaced by a horny pad.’
    • ‘The incised bone seems to have belonged to an unknown bovid mammal, the group that includes sheep, cattle and antelope.’
    • ‘We also use many products from bovids, like milk and leather.’


Late 19th century from modern Latin Bovidae (plural), from bos, bov- ‘ox’.