Definition of bow legs in English:

bow legs

Pronunciation /ˈbō ˌleɡz/ /ˈboʊ ˌlɛɡz/

plural noun

  • Legs that curve outward at the knee; bandy legs.

    • ‘This could be due to joint deformities like bow legs and knock knees, which produce a misalignment and overload on one half of the joint.’
    • ‘You need the operation if your knee is very stiff, unstable, or is severely deformed (knock knees, bow legs, rheumatoid arthritis, or hemophilia deformity).’
    • ‘This disease is characterized by bone deformities (such as bow legs, pigeon breast, and knobby bone growths on the ribs where they join the breastbone) and tooth abnormalities.’
    • ‘Inadequate bone formation leads to bending in weight-bearing bones, giving rise to bow legs and knock knees.’
    • ‘With bow legs and long wickedly curved claws they actually make a very powerful package.’
    • ‘These children have conditions such as club feet (where they walk on the sides of their ankles), angular deformities (such as bow legs of more than 90°), and osteomyelitis (where infection has destroyed whole sections of their bones).’
    • ‘He said he remembered his father, who died in 1969, had walked with bow legs.’
    • ‘Look at old man Tolepi the former farmhand, with his thin bow legs.’
    • ‘Rickets can result in stunted growth, delays in motor development and bow legs in children.’
    • ‘He was short, with bow legs and the strongest back I ever saw on a man his size.’
    • ‘He has bow legs and a fast mouth and little if any concern for his physical well-being.’
    • ‘A shortage leads to aches and pains in children but if untreated can go on to cause serious bone weakness including the bow legs characteristic of rickets.’
    • ‘If you have bow-legs or knock knees high impact exercise can cause joint pain.’
    • ‘Other babies seem to be born with a tendency to bow legs and toeing in.’
    • ‘In older children, bow legs can be caused by many different problems.’


bow legs

/ˈbō ˌleɡz/ /ˈboʊ ˌlɛɡz/