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bow out

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phrasal verb

  • Withdraw or retire from an activity or role.

    ‘she handed in a resignation letter, deciding it was an appropriate time for her to bow out’
    • ‘many artists are forced to bow out of the profession at a relatively early age’
    • ‘The dip in applications this year will be a further blow to principals, many of whom are struggling to fill vacancies caused by teachers retiring, bowing out early and leaving the job to go into other careers.’
    • ‘I thought he missed his chance to bow out and retire undefeated - but then I am not the first, nor the last, to be wrong.’
    • ‘The York theatre legend had to bow out of the star role after the opening night when he was taken to hospital with intense stomach pains.’
    • ‘That doesn't seem to be the case, though, as Pierce has decided to gracefully bow out of the role.’
    • ‘Peers cannot retire, so bowing out means they lose their right to expenses and allowances-worth up to £31,000 a year.’
    • ‘After the collapse, I hastily bowed out and retired for a mug of hot, milky, sugary coffee.’
    • ‘Such teachers might have taken early retirement or might have bowed out temporarily.’
    • ‘They wanted to retire but feared that their club would fold if they bowed out.’
    • ‘The D.A. picks the prosecutors, then - usually - bows out.’
    • ‘What Dawn actually has more of than the original is sharp observation of human nature; how people react in a crisis, how they arrange power structure in a group, who comes to the fore and who bows out.’
    • ‘Sometimes when a defense attorney bows out of a case it is because he or she has either come to know too much, has said too much, or has committed him or herself to too much to effectively defend the client.’
    • ‘Later, Carmela finds one lawyer, but the effort to reach the unreported assets depends on the work of an investigator who bows out when he learns who is involved.’
    • ‘He bows out, at least in terms of a formal campaign.’
    • ‘This was a leader who had been transformed from a virtual electoral liability in 1999 into a probable asset for 2003, if he were to call one more election before he bows out.’
    • ‘When Britain's most famous female golfer bows out of the American Tour, the Lancashire Girls champion from Pleasington is well on course to take her place.’
    • ‘As he bows out of the race he has dominated for 7 years, Armstrong even seems to have finally won the battle for the respect, if not the affection, of France.’
    • ‘By these accounts, it would seem that the only good politician is a non-politician, somebody who bows out deferentially to the sidelines.’
    • ‘He will be missed when he bows out of competition.’
    • ‘The embattled leader has been told privately by senior advisers that he either bows out gracefully or risks bringing the party into a damaging dispute.’
    • ‘She bows out because, if she does the talent show at all, she'd rather do a skit - or so she claims.’
    withdraw from, resign from, retire from, step down from, get out of, pull out of, back out of, stop participating in
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