Definition of bow saw in English:

bow saw

Pronunciation /ˈbō ˌsô/ /ˈboʊ ˌsɔ/


  • A narrow saw stretched like a bowstring on a light frame.

    • ‘Likewise, hacksaws and woodsaws from the workshop are not suitable substitutes for a bowsaw or folding saw with a narrow blade.’
    • ‘Small hand bowsaws or pruning saws may be suitable for small operations.’
    • ‘All the woodwork on the bowsaw is straight forward, and as he says, scale up or down to suit your needs.’
    • ‘Small bowsaws often use a loop of rawhide, twisted by a hardwood tab, to apply tension to the blade.’
    • ‘A lot of people make the mistake in thinking that he used a 5 or so point rip bowsaw blade to cut joinery.’
    • ‘Users of bowsaws, hatchets, chainsaws or other unsuitable tools will not achieve these figures.’
    • ‘Green Team volunteers generally use bowsaws or billhooks to cut out growing shoots in a selected area known as a cant.’
    • ‘I also have bowsaws in both the 6’ and 12’ lengths for use as coping and turning saws respectively.’
    • ‘Remove specified trees with bowsaws, trimming off brash and stacking 2m length timbers.’
    • ‘Even the youngest children can gather branches, and kids by ten should be able to use a bowsaw.’
    • ‘Many of the smaller shrubs can be removed by hand with bowsaws or loppers.’
    • ‘Wear long pants, bring gloves and extra bowsaws, loppers and pruners if possible.’
    • ‘Tools needed for the day include loppers, bowsaws, and mattocks.’
    • ‘Tools of use are loppers, bowsaws, weed wrenches and pick mattocks.’
    • ‘Basic maintenance tools are hand clippers, loppers (long-handled branch cutters), and small bowsaws.’
    • ‘We unpacked the bowsaws, loppers and gloves and set to work, trying to hide our glee at the prospect of imminent displays of pyromania.’
    • ‘A previous article dealt with the use of bowsaws, which are generally the tool of choice for the felling operation for anything greater than an inch in diameter.’
    • ‘Older catalogues actually list handles (in pairs) in addition to complete saws, so building your own bowsaw is nothing new.’
    • ‘This bent pipe has a shape similar to that of a bowsaw.’


bow saw

/ˈbō ˌsô/ /ˈboʊ ˌsɔ/