Definition of bowhunting in English:



North American
  • The practice of hunting animals with a bow rather than a gun.

    ‘Ask your gun customers if they bowhunt or would consider bowhunting.’
    • ‘It's so much easier to prepare for dove hunting, which kicks off Wednesday, than for bowhunting.’
    • ‘Their raves about bowhunting were not about taking game, but rather, about getting close in order to take it.’
    • ‘'That may bring about another sale on a crossover product or even swing a gun hunter into trying out bowhunting,’ Poet said.’
    • ‘Finally, we've cited studies that show bowhunting continues to grow, and hunters are willing to spend a lot of money to enjoy this accessory-heavy sport.’
    • ‘‘Binoculars are absolutely invaluable for bowhunting as well as gun hunting,’ Topping said.’
    • ‘Dealers who have turkey hunters getting into bowhunting should consider showing them blinds they sell to other hunters.’
    • ‘'Bowfishing is an inexpensive way to get into bowhunting and get kids excited about the sport,’ Anderson said.’
    • ‘‘Between 30 and 40 percent of my customers do both gun and bowhunting,’ Willis said.’
    • ‘The site also provides direct links to state game and fish departments, as well as to national, state and regional bowhunting and archery organizations.’
    • ‘One of the major objections some gun dealers have to adding bowhunting to their shops is the technical knowledge required to work on their customers' bows.’
    • ‘As retailers who have successfully integrated archery into their shops have learned, selling bowhunting takes commitment.’
    • ‘There's an increasingly-popular trend in bowhunting for turkeys.’
    • ‘Kinsey's has a program designed for gun dealers who want to expand into archery / bowhunting.’
    • ‘One aspect of the sport that is gaining popularity is bowhunting for turkeys.’
    • ‘These allies will help to distribute issue alerts, urge sportsmen to contact lawmakers regarding hunting-related legislation and dilute the burden of legal fees in defense of bowhunting.’
    • ‘One aspect of bowhunting not present in 3 - D archery, added Stirling, is the stealth and scent suppression required to track wily live game.’
    • ‘There's no better place to stay abreast of the latest innovations in bowhunting than the annual Archery Trade Association Show.’
    • ‘The ranch is outfitted strictly for year-round bowhunting and can accommodate up to 12 hunters.’



/ˈbōˌhən(t)iNG/ /ˈboʊˌhən(t)ɪŋ/