Definition of bowknot in English:



  • A double-looped knot in a ribbon, tie, or other fastening.

    ‘Cute details such as strips at the waist, butterfly bowknots on the chest, and twisted strips on the back make the dresses even more charming.’
    • ‘Motifs used for borders included swags, urns, and bowknots, which can also be found as embellishments on furniture, silver, and other objects made during the period.’
    • ‘Likewise, the two bowknots replace the fibulae that would have held together an ancient peplos.’
    • ‘Store coupons, and special offer discounts are not applicable for the bowknot sweater or kit.’
    • ‘It could have been that thinking about twisting us into bowknots was his idea of high humor.’
    • ‘The double and triple bowknots, the wreath, and the crowns may be used with both the single and double ribbons.’
    • ‘Recently a great museum hung a ridiculous combination consisting of a dashing, vivid polo picture in a very elaborate gilt frame covered with feminine motifs like bowknots and garlands.’
    • ‘The leaf-carved and reeded posts were topped with a mahogany box tester featuring painted stylized bowknots.’
    • ‘These cookies are sometimes shaped in bowknots or other fancy shapes, but for Christmas they are made in a shape suggestive of the swaddling clothes - or actually the diapers!’
    • ‘Included are lanyard knots for decorative braidwork, bowknots that make loops, Turk's head knots for making decorative handgrips, button knots, sinnets, flat knots, and many, many more.’
    • ‘Corn dollies are made today in a great variety of shapes that have evolved from long local usages - horseshoes in Suffolk, bells in Cambridgeshire, lanterns in Norfolk, bowknots in Staffordshire, fans in Wales.’
    • ‘This parlor had hardwood floors inlaid with cherry, a frescoed ceiling with flowers, bowknots, etc., and two large white marble mantel-pieces with yellow onyx columns, and large mirrors with carved walnut frames reaching to the ceiling.’



/ˈbōnät/ /ˈboʊnɑt/