Definition of box jellyfish in English:

box jellyfish


  • A jellyfish with a box-shaped swimming bell, living in warm seas.

    See also sea wasp

    Class Cubozoa (formerly order Cubomedusae)

    ‘A snake or poisonous spider bites in a single spot, but the box jelly's venom enters a victim's body over a very large area.’
    • ‘The box jelly is kind of vicious - its long tentacles can easily wrap around your arms, face, or as Erika discovered, ankle, and make themselves impossible to remove without inflecting a vicious, incapacitating sting.’
    • ‘The product reportedly proved largely successful against the sting of the sea wasp, a type of box jelly.’
    • ‘For there is another family of box jelly fish, the Carybdeids, which scientists are only just beginning to fathom.’
    • ‘Cnidarians are incredibly diverse in form, as evidenced by colonial siphonophores, massive medusae and corals, feathery hydroids, and box jellies with complex eyes.’
    • ‘His major area of research is the seasonal variations in populations of box jellies, other cnidarians, and tropical insects.’
    • ‘In general, box jellies are similar in form to the ‘true’ jellyfish, known as scyphozoans.’
    • ‘As their common name implies, box jellies have a square shaped bell, to which four clumps of tentacles are attached.’
    • ‘To attach themselves, these box jellies have ‘sticky pads’.’