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adjectiveadjective boxier, adjective boxiest

  • 1Squarish in shape.

    ‘a boxy jacket’
    • ‘nondescript highrises, boxy and uniform’
    • ‘For men, the messenger bag is still in, but this season it looks more ‘grown up’ in leather, with a boxy shape.’
    • ‘The Saab is perhaps the more ‘traditional’ looking of the two with a higher roofline and slightly more boxy shape.’
    • ‘Toyota and Honda are placing their bets on highly utilitarian boxy shapes oriented towards outdoor recreation.’
    • ‘The first Jeep boom box was retro - with analog knobs, deep yellow color, and a boxy shape.’
    • ‘A set-in waistband hints at a waist, while the flared hemline softens a boxy shape.’
    • ‘Looking at the unit itself, it seems to be fairly sturdy, which is not a surprise considering its boxy shape.’
    • ‘She was not wearing a bland suit with a loose-fitting skirt and short boxy jacket with a pair of sensible pumps.’
    • ‘The fifties story continues too with brightly coloured boxy jackets, pretty frocks, knife pleat dresses and printed dirndl skirt dominating the a/wear summer scene.’
    • ‘The valets at the Argyle wear boxy grey uniforms that look like overwashed costumes from a 30s musical.’
    • ‘I just adore these shiny structured boxy jackets.’
    • ‘Next door to a rose-colored, angel-bedecked church, the boxy school glowers behind barred gates like those that surround prisons.’
    • ‘She does tend to look a bit boxy, especially when her shoulders are toned just-so.’
    • ‘And to be fair, the look of Robots - inspired by the boxy, streamlined look of mid-20 th-century cars and kitchen appliances - does have some charm.’
    • ‘The big, boxy home entertainment technologies of that era - radio, television, and record players - produced images and sounds that parents could see and hear.’
    • ‘A boxy, low-lying structure about 2 feet tall was surmounted by precarious, spindly towers outfitted with tiny ladders rising to a height of 6 feet.’
    • ‘The exterior locations benefit also from the inherent visual drama of wood-frame houses and boxy, refitted mill buildings seen against the tumescent Berkshire hills.’
    • ‘There is also another vehicle built by them and just called ‘Beijing Jeep’ - a cheap boxy beast which at its peak in 1995 saw 80,000 vehicles sold.’
    • ‘They presented a huge black miniature city made of machine parts, complete with railroads, an aircraft hangar, boxy apartment blocks, factories and power stations.’
    • ‘Although 25% of American households have at least one, many interior designers hate this boxy, tactless armchair.’
    • ‘These TV's were very big, very boxy, and not in color.’
    1. 1.1(of a room or space) cramped.
      ‘the children are too old to share this boxy bedroom’
      • ‘After eating, Jhudora guided Matt to his bedroom, a small boxy room with a closet.’
      • ‘Once a boxy room with a tiny adjoining cloakroom, it has been transformed into a contemporary double bedroom with sleeping platform and luxurious en-suite wet room.’
      • ‘These rooms are more boxy and spartan, but with a picture window onto the rocks and sea, you're drawn to the external rather than the internal vista.’
      • ‘So I ordered some gumbo to take home as I watched a zydeco band set up beneath a long painted mural that dominated the boxy space.’
      • ‘I was led into a small, boxy room, its open wall concealed by a curtain, to try on the dress.’
      • ‘They loved the charming exterior and intimate feel of the 1939 saltbox, but the interior layout of boxy little rooms was slightly claustrophobic.’
      • ‘Families are piled in boxy, concrete rooms capped with corrugated tin roofs weighed down by rocks.’
      • ‘This in turn required every heated room to adjoin a chimney, dictating compact, boxy floor plans.’
      • ‘The shortage of property in the south means that boxy apartments and bog-standard houses in London's squashed suburbs sell for silly money.’
      • ‘Jo and her husband live sandwiched between Jason and Amelia, possibly in a row of terraced houses or one of those modern, boxy maisonettes with paper-thin walls.’
      • ‘Fashionable hipsters and art patrons mingled in the boxy gallery tucked in New York's chic Chelsea district.’
      • ‘No-one makes them live in those boxy little flats on sprawling council estates, after all.’
      • ‘In a boxy home with a boxy garden, a clockwork family lives a clockwork life.’
      • ‘In New York, it played at the Film Forum, an admirable NYC institution, but also a boxy venue with so little ambience that it may as well be the big screen TV in an eccentric friend's basement.’
      • ‘Mick is a typical twenty something Essex boy, clerking in the Accounts Department of a local business, living in a boxy flat, and hanging out in the bars and clubs of Basildon at weekends with his little gang.’
      • ‘I'd immediately see how boxy and small they were,’ says Isherwood.’
      • ‘It's boxy, but you can't beat a 3,000 sq ft home for less than $200k.’
      • ‘I suspect those who succeed in humiliating people this way probably deserve to be single and shut in their boxy homes watching DVDs while growing fat on ice cream.’
      • ‘But she was undeniably alienated in our boxy house, and I could often catch her sad face fixed on a slant of autumn light or a gray squirrel, precarious on a wire.’
      • ‘A boxy venue that's been begging for the ambience of a real nightclub finally gets transformed… just don't mind the construction work.’
      little, small-scale, compact, bijou
    2. 1.2(of recorded sound) restricted in tone.
      ‘speakers when poorly designed can sound boxy and boomy’
      • ‘The remastering improves the original album's boxy sound; ‘Spring Rain’ finally swaggers instead of plods, as it always should have.’
      • ‘My only qualm on this album is the rather boxy sound of this overture, but this is a minor misgiving when compared to the joys on offer.’
      • ‘They are a great for apartments but they usually have a boxy sound.’
      • ‘The songs sound like they were recorded on a cassette tape; the sound is muddy, boxy, and dull, with little stereo separation.’
      • ‘When a wedge sounds boxy, it is often blamed on the preponderance of room modes in a live performance space.’
      • ‘They make the most of a modest budget, turning crackly mics and boxy drum sounds into a virtue.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, the drums do present a problem on ‘Delirious’, a boxy, somewhat shrill piece that utilizes spare, dissonant guitar lines.’
      • ‘There's still no give to their boxy style of guitar playing.’
      • ‘Body-miked and artificially boosted in the National's boxy acoustic, the music does not sound anything like opera (unless you listen to opera on jogging headphones).’
      • ‘The sound overall can get a bit boxy sounding at times.’
      • ‘The sound is the dry, boxy one favored by Columbia throughout much of its history.’
      • ‘The primitive sound system gives the mic'd music a boxy quality with glare on anything loud or high.’
      • ‘Particularly in the Third, he and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra are let down by the boxy recording, which swallows orchestral detail and produces unmusical balances.’
      • ‘At times, the recording may seem a bit boxy but on the whole, it has transferred well to disc.’
      • ‘At times, the acoustic of the Stefaniesaal in Graz is rather boxy but the slow movement and Finale certainly benefit from Fischer's no-nonsense direction.’
      • ‘Outstanding beauty was marred by boxy acoustics and the artificiality of studio work.’



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