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boy wonder

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  • An exceptionally talented young man or boy.

    • ‘Strangers approach the boy wonder and want to shake his hand, or simply say in their forthright Manhattan way, ‘Congratulations, Chris!’’
    • ‘Tickets at £20-a-head sold out within four-hours for his Barbican gigs, and expectant faces met the Bolton boy wonder as he bounded on stage last night.’
    • ‘Before he was twenty-one, Charles Spurgeon was being called ‘the boy wonder of England.’’
    • ‘Obsessed with inventing television, the boy wonder vied with Baird and the Russian national Vladimir Zworykin for the title of the medium's true father.’
    • ‘For the American boy wonder, it was vindication - proof that the kid from Baltimore could live up to his billing.’
    • ‘Bloomsbury has no rights to the new film, which is set for release in the autumn, but it expects it to generate a resurgence of interest in the boy wonder.’
    • ‘But I think I will put a tenner on the boy wonder to score first on Sunday.’
    • ‘By 19, he had quit and started his career as a boy wonder in the advertising world.’
    • ‘Even before starting his postgraduate year, he had achieved considerable success, and he was soon being hailed as the boy wonder of Scottish painting.’
    • ‘He was a boy wonder who shot a 300 at 18 and an ageless wonder who rolled a 300 at 86 and, at 92, rolled in his 71st ABC championship.’
    • ‘His company has since grown a lot bigger, but the boy wonder of discount computers has stuck to the same basic model: keep costs down, sell PCs cheap and go straight to the consumer.’
    • ‘Perhaps more interested in feeding his mind, the boy wonder was skipping lunch, so I had his roast chicken sandwich with spinach and sun-dried tomatoes.’
    • ‘Then on to NASCAR, where at 23, the boy wonder becomes the youngest team owner in major-league sports.’
    • ‘Because I was seven years old and just beginning to be a baseball fan when Feller came to the big leagues as a boy wonder of 17.’
    • ‘Paolini's back story, as the home-schooled boy wonder who makes it big, had an irresistible cachet.’
    • ‘But the fast-moving career of the boy wonder is picking up pace again.’
    • ‘The boy wonder of the 90s, he is set to chalk up his 600th career appearance if he starts against Liverpool.’
    • ‘A sizable cult swiftly formed around the Montreal-bred boy wonder when it was released.’
    • ‘We must all hope that the sensible occurs and the boy wonder calms down.’
    • ‘I think some critics see me as this boy wonder and they love to shoot people down.’


boy wonder

/boi ˈwəndər/ /bɔɪ ˈwəndər/