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  • A small wire nail with a small, often asymmetrical head.

    ‘Drive 5/8-in. brads through the plywood into the cleats.’
    • ‘Nails range from the smallest, thinnest brads to large, weighty spikes.’
    • ‘Almost all the squares are tacked to the wall at three corners with tiny brads; a fourth nail was evidently inserted and then removed, leaving a telltale hole.’
    • ‘The mitered corners are glued and nailed together with 1-in. brads.’
    • ‘Attach plywood with panel adhesive and brads and sand it flush with front edge.’
    • ‘To attach the two outer frames to one another, I nailed brads through a 1-inch wood block that I had placed between the frames on the inside perimeter.’
    • ‘I used staples at the top and bottom before face nailing two brads through each short rail of the front and back face frames (into the side frames).’
    • ‘Use a handsaw and miter box to cut four pieces of L-shaped edge molding to fit around the canvas; secure the molding by hammering several brads through the back of it and into the wood frame holding the canvas.’
    • ‘After the counter is installed on top of the cabinet, the wood strip is attached to the front edge of the counter using glue and small, air-driven brads.’
    • ‘All joints must be glued and the trim fastened with brads, preferably using pneumatic nailers, which leave very small fastener holes.’
    • ‘Cut the vellum in half, and attach each piece to the body with brads.’
    • ‘Attach the flower to the bottom left with a brad.’
    • ‘His son, Daniel Bisbee, Jr., bought a mill on Second Brook where he made tacks and brads in partnership with Henry Soule.’
    • ‘Attach the center dial to the calculator with a brad or thumbtack.’
    • ‘Trim was attached with carpenter's glue and brads.’
    • ‘Also, brads from a nail gun become almost invisible when nailed.’
    • ‘To finish the piece, I positioned the calendar over the face of the first frame and attached it at the top and bottom using 3/8-inch brass brads so the pages could be flipped easily.’
    • ‘If you've taught in a classroom, you're probably familiar with the concept, but must still admire the inexpensive and extensive sets that only need scissors, glue, and brads to put together.’
    • ‘Galvanized brads are great if using an air or electric hammer.’
    • ‘These were cut to a 3-inch outside measurement and attached from below with glue and brads.’



/brad/ /bræd/


Late Middle English from Old Norse broddr ‘spike’.