Definition of Bradley in English:


(also Bradley Fighting Vehicle)


  • A medium-sized tank equipped for use in combat.

    • ‘In the past, the toughest job in the Army was a Bradley Fighting Vehicle-equipped infantry platoon leader.’
    • ‘We've taken a mech heavy battalion, a mechanized battalion, a Bradley battalion, and we've taken a light infantry battalion; we've reorganized them.’
    • ‘It's a combat multiplier but it's not like a Bradley fighting vehicle.’
    • ‘As a result, I fell back on my ‘old school’ battle-command techniques of juggling maps in the turret of a Bradley.’
    • ‘We were able to pick up a Bradley fighting vehicle platoon to provide security, and the 87th CSB-led convoy of over 500 wheeled vehicles moved to the new site later that evening.’
    • ‘In yesterday's incident, an Abrams tank, a Bradley fighting vehicle and about 10 US Humvees were called out to control the crowd of ex-soldiers who were demanding jobs and back pay.’
    • ‘An Army MEDEVAC helicopter was damaged during the fight when a Bradley collided with it.’
    • ‘Italian workers put a coat of paint on a Bradley Fighting Vehicle at the Leghorn Army Depot.’
    • ‘More military activity, there's been some Bradleys or Humvees moving around in this area.’
    • ‘The basic concept was to modify a Bradley fighting vehicle and to build around the idea of bringing the division's information systems into the vehicle itself.’
    • ‘Every crew member of a Bradley should be prepared to use the 25 mm gun as a sniping weapon or to give it to a sniper who will.’
    • ‘These highly mobile and quick vehicles can get to places a Bradley cannot.’
    • ‘On Thursday, a roadside bomb in northern Baghdad killed seven soldiers riding in a Bradley fighting vehicle, one of the most heavily armored in the U.S. military.’
    • ‘Then on Haifa Street, guerrillas took out a Bradley fighting vehicle with a car bomb, then sprayed it with machine gun fire and tossed grenades at it.’
    • ‘They can do it through either sheer mass, the bomb is so big it can roll a tank, it can roll a Bradley fighting vehicle.’
    • ‘I heard an American soldier, a Bradley gunner, say: ‘I was basically looking for any clean walls, you know, without any holes in them.’
    • ‘And with the trend toward ever-larger sport-utility vehicles, I recommend that you forget the Humvee and go for a Bradley Fighting Vehicle instead.’
    • ‘Today, it is typing and transmitting from the turret of a Bradley, my head next to the breech of the 25 mm cannon.’
    • ‘McVeigh served as a gunner on a Bradley fighting vehicle during the 1991 Gulf War, receiving the Bronze Star and several other medals.’
    • ‘Also, as the US troops tell it, a Nissan slammed into a Bradley fighting vehicle, causing the troops to fire into the Nissan.’


Named for General Omar Bradley.