Definition of braiding in English:



  • Decorative braid or braided work.

    ‘curtains heavy with gold braiding’
    • ‘Crew mates created a mace from a boat's oar, complete with silver mount decorated with Royal Marines cap badges and decorative knotwork and braiding.’
    • ‘Tablet weaving involved threading highly coloured types of wool together to make decorative braiding for high status clothing.’
    • ‘Dismissing Gupta, I go into my home where a young boy wearing a white servant uniform with gold braiding is waiting for me.’
    • ‘Antique beads and braiding were sown on to jersey tops and distressed lace was used to create a patchwork feel on dresses.’
    • ‘The black and white wool blend check jacket features neatly trimmed black braiding with simple hook and eye fastening.’
    • ‘Interviewees were then measured for uniforms - royal blue with red braiding and brass buttons.’
    • ‘How many British staff officers are aware that the elaborate braiding on their uniforms originated among Austrian hussars?’
    • ‘To enhance their appearance they had to stitch on braiding.’
    cord, cording, braiding, bullion, thread, twine, yarn, tape, binding, rickrack, ribbon



/ˈbrādiNG/ /ˈbreɪdɪŋ/