Definition of brake drum in English:

brake drum

Pronunciation /ˈbrāk ˌdrəm/ /ˈbreɪk ˌdrəm/


  • A broad, very short cylinder attached to a wheel, against which the brake shoes press in a drum brake.

    • ‘This is particularly troubling because the recalls affect a combined total of over 351,000 vehicles, including 260,390 in which there is a possibility of rear wheel and brake drum assemblies separating from vehicles.’
    • ‘The man was driving on the M62 at Pontefract on Monday morning when a wheel, together with brake drum and tyre, came off his lorry.’
    • ‘The brake pad and brake shoe are movable from a disengaged position, where the brake pad is spaced apart from the brake drum to an engaged position, where the pad is in forcible engagement with the brake drum.’
    • ‘Think of a car's brake drum, or an intravenous drip bag, or a traditional carbon-paper airline ticket.’
    • ‘Older vehicles used brake drums but with the need for more secure braking and safety systems, car manufacturers have turned to disc brakes.’
    • ‘Gray cast iron is used in the automotive industry for: engine blocks and heads, automatic transmission housings, differential housing, water pump housing, brake drums, and engine pistons.’
    • ‘This lessens the wear on brake drums, rotors and pads.’
    • ‘He is of the opinion that the defective brake drums and maladjustment of the steering tillers certainly would not have enhanced the handling of the vehicle.’
    • ‘Campus Security says four ‘high end’ vehicles were hoisted onto cinder blocks and had all their wheels and tires removed, leaving behind the lug nuts beside the brake drums.’
    • ‘The musician also experimented with rhythms, shying away from traditional drums in favor of a bricolage approach, which included trash can lids, brake drums, megaphones, chairs, and even tubas.’
    • ‘The piece, scored for four percussionists, is played by the percussion group using a big array of gongs, tam-tams, tom-toms, suspended brake drums and so on, but is neither bombastic nor boring.’


brake drum

/ˈbrāk ˌdrəm/ /ˈbreɪk ˌdrəm/