Definition of brambling in English:



  • A northern Eurasian finch with a white rump, related to the chaffinch. The male has a black head and orange breast in summer.

    Fringilla montifringilla, family Fringillidae

    • ‘As I write, the old Bramley apple in our garden is occupied by a variety of finches: greenfinches, chaffinches and bramblings.’
    • ‘Like bramblings, siskins tend to winter in widely different areas in succeeding years.’
    • ‘In another area, he sows seeds to attract birds like linnets, reed buntings and bramblings.’
    • ‘Nearby, the rough grass and scrub contain large stands of teasels and thistles, which provide seeds for finches - goldfinch, chaffinch, bullfinch, brambling and siskin are frequent winter visitors.’
    • ‘The roost site selection of bramblings can be evaluated at four different levels.’


Mid 16th century perhaps from or related to the obsolete German synonym Brämling, related to bramble, or a variant of brandling (because both are streaked).