Definition of branchy in English:



See branch

‘It is a branchy, brushy, rooty tree, without leaves.’
  • ‘I began raking up the leaves and branches I'd trimmed, and clearing out a lot of debris that had collected in and around the branchy bush.’
  • ‘The brain, at least from afar, looks like a plate of macaroni, its branchy veins rivers of red pepper sauce.’
  • ‘The Russian network of modern New York is as thick and branchy as a Siberian fir-tree.’
  • ‘Making his way back to the dinghy he took off his jacket and boots, shirt and trousers, stowed them in the dinghy, went down to the waterline where a small, branchy dead tree lay and heaved and shoved it out into the water.’



/ˈbran(t)SHē/ /ˈbræn(t)ʃi/