Definition of brand extension in English:

brand extension


  • An instance of using an established brand name or trademark on new products, so as to increase sales.

    • ‘Gore followed with GoreTex, the monster brand extension that produces waterproof, breathable fabrics.’
    • ‘However, he does voice strong - and often controversial - opinions on the issues of growth, brand management and brand extension.’
    • ‘They don't just want the 30th brand extension of some established service.’
    • ‘A brand extension, Edge by Grand Slam, a collection of technical sport apparel, is slated to launch later this year.’
    • ‘And that's how we are showing that a superhero brand extension is possible, starting in the music side and going into every other key area of the global popular culture.’
    • ‘His solution, currently embraced by 24 PGA Tour events, is to use the Internet to create a natural brand extension for sponsors and events.’
    • ‘And in the ultimate brand extension, he has brought his son into the act.’
    • ‘In the end, it will all come down to clever marketing of the brand extension.’
    • ‘However, its ad-supported brand extension Lifetime Real Women will be offering fact-based programming targeted to women, along with some exclusive original series and true-story movies.’
    • ‘Putting the music into a more traditional television program is ‘first and foremost a brand extension for us,’ Harrison said.’
    • ‘While the additional income can be significant for a niche publisher skilled at licensing, general interest news publications are too big and too short on obvious product tie-ins to find redemption in brand extension.’
    • ‘Since the brand extension, the pay-per-views have generally consisted of four main-events wrestlers per roster, which to me makes for a much more entertaining show.’
    • ‘I'm quite prepared to accept that, in a thousand years, we'll live underwater - surely just a logical brand extension for Center Parcs.’
    • ‘Not a brand extension - but a first novel, all about place, politics, good and evil, violence.’
    • ‘There's a movie buried underneath all the brand extension; sadly, it's not a very good one.’
    • ‘I am also interested in his brand and brand extension.’
    • ‘None has produced any meaningful financial contribution and none has provided any brand extension to improve the perception of performance of the acquirer.’
    • ‘For 15 of those years, I also have owned a marketing company that specializes in licensing and brand extension.’
    • ‘But today, distilleries are increasingly taking on other sorts of spirit and wine barrels to give their spirits a unique lift, one they hope will make a hit with Scotch lovers and thereby create another brand extension.’
    • ‘It's brand extension of the Marines' now-famous saying: ‘No better friend, no worse enemy.’’