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brand image

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  • The impression of a product held by real or potential consumers.

    ‘To get apathetic consumers to start buying green products, our survey finds that impressing a brand image works best.’
    • ‘But the incident still can serve as a quirky reminder of how important it is for retailers to deliver their brand image consistently across all channels.’
    • ‘Despite a nascent generation of better-made products, the company suffers from a weak brand image outside Italy.’
    • ‘After 18 months of merger madness, the company is making a push to reinforce its brand image in the minds of a vastly expanded customer base.’
    • ‘Even notoriously conservative GM shows clear evidence it is willing to bring daring product to market to jazz up its brand image.’
    • ‘The company has quite successfully given itself an innovative brand image and positioned its products in the enthusiast market.’
    • ‘One promotion trend in both of these is a movement toward simplicity of communication of the brand image.’
    • ‘And importantly, we want to elevate the brand image.’
    • ‘One, a scooter manufacturer and marketer from New Hampshire, got the judges' attention by creating a strong brand image and an easy-to-use format.’
    • ‘To create a cohesive brand image from one medium to the next, Deepend borrowed from the look and feel of the fashion lines' offline marketing and advertising campaigns.’
    • ‘The key is rather a really good handle on the emotional equation, which in marketing terms translates into factors such as the brand image and customer relationships.’
    • ‘In terms of trade, Riley says Australia is viewed as a good supply base of high quality products, especially in the food area where Australia has the leading brand image.’
    • ‘Carry the brand image from the first market to the 150th.’
    • ‘Yes, the football club is very useful for our brand image.’
    • ‘And the auto maker hopes there will be many more as it rolls out additional hybrid vehicles in the next few years to meet demand and burnish its brand image.’
    • ‘The biggest asset of the company is its brand image.’
    • ‘But the next step also had to be done well: creating the brand image.’
    • ‘The experience there will eventually build a brand image.’
    • ‘This, he claims, helps to effectively solidify a brand image.’
    • ‘We're trying to correlate the human perception with the physical stimulus, so that way we can customize the feel of a car to match its brand image.’


brand image

/ˈbrand ˈˌimij/ /ˈbrænd ˈˌɪmɪdʒ/