Definition of brand name in English:

brand name

Pronunciation /ˈbran(d) ˈˌnām/ /ˈbræn(d) ˈˌneɪm/


  • 1A name given by the maker to a product or range of products, especially a trademark.

    as modifier ‘a corrupt pharmacist dispenses a generic drug rather than a brand-name drug’
    • ‘They have a bigger co-pay for the brand-name product, and a still higher co-pay for the most expensive drug.’
    • ‘Companies will continue to advertise their brand-name products to the hilt.’
    • ‘Not one was a brand-name drug produced by a big pharmaceutical company!’
    • ‘But brand-name products are more and more likely to make less and less subtle cameos in both TV and film.’
    • ‘As soon as the patent on an expensive brand-name drug expires, the generics come onto the market.’
    • ‘For start-ups, landing a major brand-name customer is one of the biggest coups there is.’
    • ‘Generic competition is hurting its brand-name antidepressant and slowing sales of its other big medicines.’
    • ‘While brand-name firms carry some cachet, it's seldom worth the added cost.’
    • ‘Mostly, though, I chose new models from brand-name makers, either the cheapest model in their line or the next step up.’
    • ‘Some brand-name computers have a proprietary power supply design, although most can take an off-the-shelf’
    • ‘The fact is that there is a fairly decent chance that the brand-name drug you see in a magazine or on television is just a copy of an older drug that has an expired copyright.’
    • ‘A generic drug is identical in chemical makeup to the brand-name version of the drug.’
    • ‘So what I'm asking is, are generics truly equivalent to the brand-name drugs?’
    • ‘Most states permit him or her to substitute the generic version of a brand-name drug.’
    • ‘Purchasing brand-name jewelry off the street can be very tricky.’
    • ‘Exclusion of generics will help consolidate the brand-name cartel and result in substantial waste of fund resources.’
    • ‘How do you improve on a brand-name blockbuster franchise?’
    • ‘In fact, many are licensed producers of brand-name goods that simply run an extra, unauthorized shift and sell out the back door.’
    • ‘The FDA insists generic drugs are just like their brand-name counterparts.’
    • ‘Whether these are real products - or simply names to fool would-be brand-name hunters - isn't clear.’
    logo, emblem, sign, stamp, symbol, device, badge, crest, insignia, seal, coat of arms, shield, motif, hallmark, mark, figure, monogram, logotype, colophon
    1. 1.1A familiar or widely known name.
      as modifier ‘younger writers who clamber toward brand-name status’
      • ‘Under this interpretation, brand name is at least as important as Web site domain name.’
      • ‘Another weakness typical of our time is to turn an artist's best-known work into a kind of brand name.’
      • ‘It goes without saying that you'll have to pay a premium for its uniqueness and brand name.’
      • ‘We are looking at designer accessory, not just any brand name that might be established in the market.’
      • ‘The issue has been lapped up by investors mainly on account of brand name.’
      • ‘No longer driven by vehicle size and high price, it is now driven by brand name and image.’
      • ‘They've lived on for three decades now as an exceptionally durable, and valuable, brand name.’
      • ‘A recognised and trusted brand name also helps to reassure the anxious traveller in turbulent times.’
      • ‘The complicated lacing that turns brand name running shoes into works of art serves as a mark of recognition for the hiphop fans.’
      • ‘There are lots of types of damage that can be serious to the individual, and one that I am not sure has been addressed is the idea of brand name.’
      • ‘It seems to me like they are often one long commercial for lots of brand name things.’
      • ‘Creating a catchy new brand name is as legitimate in politics as it is in commerce.’
      • ‘No frills, no brand name, just a fairly reasonable and high quality product for a fair price.’
      • ‘Still actually identifying the best performing discs is difficult with brand name suppliers using a mix of manufacturing suppliers.’
      • ‘The advertising revenue growth of top brand name sites provides powerful evidence of this shift.’
      • ‘The comments were in regards to a guy on the Internet who is scamming people by selling brand name sunglasses at a discount, and then not delivering.’
      • ‘You had quite a bit of brand name talent involved for an independent, low-budget movie.’
      • ‘Most designers stick with brand name manufacturers when it comes to carpet fiber.’
      • ‘The soundtrack is all brand name stuff and most of it suits the action like a glove.’


brand name

/ˈbran(d) ˈˌnām/ /ˈbræn(d) ˈˌneɪm/