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nounplural noun brandies

  • A strong alcoholic spirit distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice.

    ‘a bottle of brandy’
    • ‘apricot brandy’
    • ‘four large brandies’
    • ‘Armenia's wine industry specializes in the production of strong wines and brandy.’
    • ‘For after your meal, Palinka is a common apricot brandy with more spirit than fruit, but one won't kill you.’
    • ‘The assortments were soaked in brandy, whisky and rum to give it the real taste.’
    • ‘Whisky, brandy and dark rum producers are now compelled to fight hard for their share of the market.’
    • ‘Add the cider, wine and brandy with the raspberries and thinly sliced bananas and serve.’
    • ‘In a hotel lobby at Marble Arch, I drank brandy with Brandy and she gave me advice’
    • ‘Serve it at the end of a special meal instead of brandy or grappa.’
    • ‘Not a few footballers had the same idea, consuming a large whisky or brandy to give themselves a jag for the game.’
    • ‘The awards went to the best Bulgarian wines, brandies and wine brandies.’
    • ‘La Mare Vineyard is the island's only vineyard, and it does a wide range of wine and apple brandy.’
    • ‘Only church wine was produced but Schreiner soon included other wines and brandy.’
    • ‘Alcohol, usually brandy, is sometimes mixed into the batter for rich fruit cakes before baking.’
    • ‘Some are branching out from eaux-de-vie and cognac-style brandies into the far larger market for vodka and whiskey.’
    • ‘At the drinks cabinet a beaming middle aged man and his wife are handing out viciously strong plum brandy.’
    • ‘A day in advance, put the citrus zests, juice, sherry and brandy in a bowl to soak.’
    • ‘He spent the next dozen years making records and playing concerts in an alcoholic haze, drinking a bottle of brandy a day.’
    • ‘When he was questioned he said he had consumed a bottle of brandy and a bottle of wine.’
    • ‘And unlike its cheap, nasty brandy competitors, cognac does have a reputation to keep up.’
    • ‘Today the West leads the nation in producing flavorful and innovative fruit brandies, liqueurs, and fortified wines.’
    • ‘He sat down in the chair before his table, which was covered in maps and a bottle of brandy.’
    strong liquor, liquor, strong drink



/ˈbrandē/ /ˈbrændi/


Mid 17th century from earlier brandwine, brandewine, from Dutch brandewijn, from branden ‘burn, distill’ + wijn ‘wine’.