Definition of brandy Alexander in English:

brandy Alexander


  • A cocktail made with brandy, chocolate liqueur, and cream.

    ‘we settled into a quiet corner, then ordered oysters and brandy Alexanders’
    • ‘They'll come home wanting a foot rub and a Brandy Alexander.’
    • ‘He asked for a Brandy Alexander.’
    • ‘In this context, the classic Grasshopper and Brandy Alexander seem new again.’
    • ‘Flavors include Brandy Alexander, made with Brandy and Dark Creme de Cacao, and Whiskey & Cream, a blend of whiskey and Dark Creme de Cacao.’
    • ‘Having steered away from cocktails up until now, they've recently introduced a new menu, with the Brandy Alexander (and everything else) for £3.75, or half price during happy hour.’
    • ‘You'll be glad to know that the restaurant's parting shot, a rather insipid brandy Alexander, was as horrible as anything I've tasted this side of George IV Bridge.’
    • ‘The Winter Drink Menu featured specials like the Frozen Hennessy Alexander, a frozen version of the classic Brandy Alexander; Newcastle Brown Ale; and the Hot Bomber.’
    • ‘Sip John Lennon's favourite, the Brandy Alexander (£3.50) with care; do it too quickly and you'll wonder why the room has started spinning.’
    • ‘"We have a brandy Alexander in honor of my grandmother every year," she said.’
    • ‘Leonard is the first to arrive, and orders a Brandy Alexander from the smirking waiter, thinking that this is the sophisticated thing to do.’
    • ‘The Brandy Alexander (£6.75) is expensive but it's a thing of wonder: one and a half shots of cognac, creme de cacao and double cream, all served in a frozen glass and topped with nutmeg.’
    • ‘The Brandy Alexanders were doing the talking at this point!’
    • ‘He was drinking his beverage of choice at the time, Brandy Alexanders, which tasted like milkshakes to him, but packed a dangerous punch.’
    • ‘We were getting pretty blotto off Pink Squirrels and Brandy Alexanders, and it was a strange sensation, looking at old fairy-tale scenes while listening to this loopy music!’
    • ‘He wants to be a character from Brideshead Revisited sipping brandy Alexanders and being seduced by hopelessly wealthy dilettantes.’
    • ‘The Captain was not a picky eater, and the mainstay of his diet was brandy Alexanders.’
    • ‘Actually, I prefer Brandy Alexanders to Long Islands, but Tacky's doesn't make them.’


1940s from the surname or male forename Alexander, with uncertain reference.