Definition of brass hat in English:

brass hat

Pronunciation /ˈbras ˈhat/ /ˈbræs ˈhæt/


informal British
  • A high-ranking officer in the armed forces.

    ‘military brass hats proudly handed out scores of prizes’
    • ‘They are basically trading casualties one-for-one with the regime loyalists which, as any brass hat will tell you, ain't no way to win at counter-insurgency.’
    • ‘A small state with limited resources cannot afford to feed the army of bureaucrats and brass hats of the police.’
    • ‘The brass hats are furious that an operational matter should be kicked around like a football across the House of Commons chamber.’
    • ‘Political brass hats attending the recent Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Queensland, Australia, naturally assumed they were receiving the sharpest, tightest security possible.’
    • ‘Oh, brass hats might complain about items that should be deserved rather than dispensed.’


Late 19th century so named because of the gilt insignia on the caps of such officers.


brass hat

/ˈbras ˈhat/ /ˈbræs ˈhæt/