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brass instrument

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  • A wind instrument, such as a trumpet or trombone, typically made of brass.

    ‘The chalkos has frequently been interpreted as a brass instrument similar to the trumpet or horn.’
    • ‘He is an internationally renowned bandleader and one of the greatest trumpet and brass instrument players.’
    • ‘Saxes are quirky in that they have the mouthpiece of a woodwind, but the body (conical rather than cylindrical) of a brass instrument.’
    • ‘The voice has deepened, become more artfully modulated; what was once a brass instrument is now a woodwind.’
    • ‘I am the first person to confess that I haven't got a clue how to play a brass instrument or anything else but I do love all kinds of music and will enjoy the role.’
    • ‘For playing a brass instrument, the major concern is building the student's embouchure control.’
    • ‘Martin said that when they first met he had never played a brass instrument but after watching Valerie perform in the band he decided to learn to play the cornet.’
    • ‘It looks like some cool sculpture or maybe some kind of futuristic brass instrument.’
    • ‘Many of you reading this will know that I am a keen player of that fine old brass instrument, the French Horn.’
    • ‘Were you ever a trumpeter or other brass instrument player?’
    • ‘There's another lot that work more like a clarinet, so we have those two sorts but nothing really like a brass instrument on an ordinary organ.’
    • ‘The bell rang and all of the brass and woodwind brass instrument players left the room.’
    • ‘Back in the days of ‘Pomp and Circumstance,’ Republican and Democratic conventions struck similar chords, played by big bands on brass instruments.’
    • ‘Wagner wanted the lightly colored textures of woodwinds, but the weight that only some 20 brass instruments can provide.’
    • ‘The sound reproduction is quite good, too, in spite of some odd balances: certain brass instruments are pushed back too far, while the clarinet and other less voluminous instruments are well up front.’
    • ‘You still get the two different ranges, but there is a blending thing of the two brass instruments that we like.’
    • ‘I've been teaching people to play brass instruments for 34 years, all on a voluntary basis.’
    • ‘The popularization of the marching band made European instruments available to African Americans for the first time, at first primarily brass instruments.’
    • ‘In its first year fewer than 50 people took part, but it has become a Boxing Day tradition with brass instruments accompanying the carols and mulled wine and hot drinks provide by the National Trust.’
    • ‘The orchestral sound is raw (ugh, those brass instruments!) and the execution is catch-as-catch-can.’