Definition of brassie in English:


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nounplural noun brassies

(also brassy)
informal Golf
  • A number two wood.

    • ‘With brassie in hand, I looked into the fog, took a practice swing, set up to the ball, and swung.’
    • ‘But the brassie shaft has a wonderful whip to it, like a forsythia branch.’
    • ‘But, as soon as that box landed, as soon as he delved in and lifted out his brassie and his spoon and his cleek, Reid did not have a single complaint in the whole wide world.’
    • ‘Most of us are hitting with brassies when he, perhaps, uses a No.5 iron.’
    • ‘Then there is the now sadly outmoded term, brassie, what used to be a 2-wood before metal made timber all but obsolete.’



/ˈbrasē/ /ˈbræsi/


Late 19th century so named because the wood was originally shod with brass.