Definition of brazen-faced in English:



  • Bold and without shame.

    ‘impudent, brazen-faced rogues’
    • ‘There was no danger of her beauty telling any tales; and besides, she could put on as brazen-faced a swagger as the most impudent dog in town.’
    • ‘Critics described him as a brazen-faced charlatan and a pious rogue.’
    • ‘Neither was she one of your brazen-faced jilts, with nothing but flimsy balderdash in their talk, and a libertine forwardness in their manners.’
    • ‘They are impudent children, brazen-faced, and cannot blush.’
    • ‘It is a brazen-faced fraud against the local taxpayers.’
    bold, shameless, as bold as brass, brazen-faced, forward, presumptuous, brash, immodest, unashamed, unabashed, unembarrassed, unblushing