Definition of breach of promise in English:

breach of promise


  • The action of breaking a sworn assurance to do something, formerly especially to marry someone.

    ‘Anastasia cherishes the recollection of having won an action for breach of promise’
    • ‘Would an action for damages for breach of promise of marriage be within this?’
    • ‘But in litigation over breach of promise for payment of damages, it was possible that she might claim to have been engaged to a more promising man.’
    • ‘The decision suggests that a legal remedy for a breach of promise by a politician, while not impossible, is very difficult to achieve.’
    • ‘Unmarried pregnant women sometimes requested damages from the judge, suing the father for breach of promise.’
    • ‘But we have to recoup what we spent on the project so we are suing Tracey for breach of promise in his personal capacity.’
    • ‘I don't know how you sue a government for breach of promise.’
    • ‘A parish council that enraged villagers by shutting a skateboard park faces being sued for alleged breach of promise by parents and children who secured funding for a £70,000 replacement - which now may never be built.’
    • ‘The spurned party sued for breach of promise and was awarded 2,000 in compensation.’
    • ‘The judge pointed out that the 1981 Family Law Act had abolished actions for breach of promise of marriage.’
    • ‘It baffles us why the world soccer's governing body should publicly raise the issue in a breach of promise, hampering the otherwise smooth preparations for the quadrennial global sports festivity.’
    • ‘Others say that even if rice-exporting countries sue Korea with the global trade body for the breach of promise, there won't be much damage because the nation can gain more time.’
    • ‘If they do not report the matter it may constitute a breach of promise.’
    • ‘The cast of players involved in the disputes and lawsuits examined over paternity, illegitimacy and breach of promise included more than just young couples and judges.’
    • ‘The court said that the breach of contract related to an agreement to marry, but the 1981 Family Law Act had abolished actions for breach of promise.’
    • ‘That is one of its most basic breaches of promise.’
    • ‘Interestingly, much of the public arguing, fighting and disputing surrounding paternity and breach of promise was carried out by the parents of the man accused of fathering the child, and especially by his mother.’
    • ‘We have had a personal assurance from a previous Home Secretary that the police will not have to pay, so it would be a substantial breach of promise if that were not the case.’
    • ‘Perhaps that is not to be regarded in this context as some kind of breach of promise!’
    • ‘The promise to marry continued to have legal force and breach of promise cases could be brought by a fiancée whose reputation was deemed to have been tarnished by a broken engagement.’